Review for My Harlequin Romance

My Harlequin Romance

(#) alligatorpie 2011-07-23

Duuuuuuude, please update soonly?? I mean, random smut sex is awesome, and Mikey and Pete are freaking awesome together (bassist power!!) but seriously, what's more important here?? heehee. Legit though, please update soon?


PS, I was totally about to be really upset that all that was just a dream when someone yelled "Wake up" to Ryan. I was like, Dude, legit? But then it was okay. :)

Author's response

Yeah i wrote Selection Box to distract myslelf so i wasn't updating MHR every single night :) i think it's better to add a bit of suspence and give everybody some time to read the chapter before i add another one. Plus it's something to work of when i've finished this, i've had the storyline planned out for ages now and it's not far from ending ^^