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Staring into your eyes, I will let myself fall gracefully.

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Madeline Sweetwater was Brendon's best friend. She loved him as much as life itself, so in her situation, anybody would understand why she would risk her life. As she stared through the broken window at a tortured Ryan, the man that made her best friend happier than he'd ever been before, she began to formulate a plan in her head. She could've barged in and done whatever came to her head first, but Madeline was smart. She tiptoed through the back door of the old factory, breathing in the rank, rotting smell that came from the wooden floorboards. She took a deep breath and held it as she peered round the corner of a slightly opened door. She didn't react when she saw Ryan bleeding on the floor as every pair of ravenous eyes in the room were fixed on Brendon. She knew any sign of physical reaction could give her away, although in her mind she wanted to scream. She wanted to pull out a blade and slice any blood-thirsty monster that layed even a finger on Brendon, but she kept her composure.
Mimi felt her whole body tense up as she held down her vomit when she saw every woman in the room begin to close in on Brendon. He looked so... vulnerable. These woman wanted to kill him, and they were intelligent enough to draw him to them, but they weren't as clever as they seemed. They'd foolishly left Ryan unguarded as he wept and screamed. They ignored him compltely and Mimi knew this was her que. She swept around silently through the door and around the side of the room, over to Ryan. "Keep sobbing!" she ordered him harshly as he saw her, his eyes glowing with a slight glimmer of hope. If Ryan reacted to her at all, one of them could turn around, and the whole plan would be ruined.

My eyes were blurred from tears, but i was sure i saw... Mimi! I did exactly as she told me, throwing all of my trust on her. My heart raced as i saw the woman closing in on Brendon, but if i reacted at all, we would all die for sure. It was possibly the hardest thing i'd ever had to do. Every brain cell in my head screamed and pounded, it felt as though my fragile heart was about to shatter. Brendon could die right now infront of my eyes, but i wouldn't let that happen. I'd gladly die before him, to give him even the slightest chance of escape. Even if he couldn't, i'd let the woman have me just so i didn't have to watch him die. If i could die staring into Brendon's eyes, knowing that i knew true love, i would die happy.
Mimi dragged me up, i rose slowly as an agonizing pain stabbed through my legs, my ribs, my stomach. I winced a little, but she placed her hand over my mouth the muffle any sounds the pain was causing me to force out of my tightly pressed lips. I stared over at the crowd of starving woman surrounding their enemy. Tears began to sting in my eyes once again as i sniffled loudly, the woman did not avert their gaze. They still thought i was crying on the floor, about to watch my lover get slaughtered. They seemed too mesmerized by their near victory to even acknowledge my existance.
"What do we do now?" I asked Mimi, she glared over at me, her eyes glistening with newly forming tears,
"I-i don't know..." Mimi whispered. She outstretched an arm and pulled me close to her. We stood holding eachother, tears stinging our eyes as we silently wept. I racked my brain for any idea of a plan. What had Brendon told me? What had Riley told me? Had anybody given me any fucking clues!? A cool gust of wind rocketed in through the open dorway, causing my hair to blow wildly around my face. Blood still stained my cheeks and nose, and my tears. I saw the ginger haired woman raise her hand high above her head. I couldn't see what happened next, but i heard a pain filled scream echo around the walls of the room. "Brendon..." i whimpered, immediatley trying to step forward. Mimi held me firmly in place. I couldn't stand it. I heard another loud slap as Brendon cried out in agony. They were hurting him. I couldn't stand by and listen, i could't let them. My sobs became harder and louder, blood-stained tears pulmmeted to the floor. "Shhhh..." Mimi begged, but as i heard Brendon cry out in pain again, i couldn't help myself.
"STOP IT!" i screamed as every woman turned to stare at me and Mimi.
"No!" Mimi cried, tears finally spilling from the corners of my eyes. I'd blown the plan, but if it meant Brendon could at least have a short break from the torturing pain then it was all worth it.
"You idiot!" Mimi hissed at me, her once glowing eyes changing to a shade of deep purple, glaring right through me.
"I'M NOT GONNA STAND HERE AND WATCH HIM DIE!" i shouted, pushing her away and stepping forward towards the killers. Blood dripped from a few of their sharp teeth as they parted, letting me see Brendon. I screamed as my eyes gazed upon him. He was grasping his arm tightly as blood poured from it. Pain was etched into his face as he whimpered on the floor. He'd never looked so weak, so vulnerable, but at the same time beautiful. "If you're going to kill him," i began, shuddering at the next words that came out of my mouth. "Kill me too."
The crowd roared as they took my arm and threw me beside Brendon. I gripped him tightly as he grasped my arm. I took his face in my hands, staring into his bloodshot, chocolate eyes. "I love you Brendon." I breathed, pressing my lips against his. He kissed me back passionatley as we both knew, this would be our last kiss.
"I love you too Ryan..." Brendon sobbed, "Mimi was right, you're the-the best t-thing that's ever ever happened to me." We both cried, gripping onto eachother in a mixture of fear and love. If we had to die, we would do it together. Hand in hand. And as horrible and as grusome as it was, this was how we both wanted to die.
The red haired woman closed in on us, bringing her murderers behind her. They surrounded us, our hearts raced in our chests, but they raced for eachother. Our palms sweated, but they still gripped tightly together. Nothing could tear us apart, even when we were being torn into by a hundred revenge driven, starving women. "They could tear me limb from limb," Brendon breathed into my ear, "But with my last gasping breath, i swear i would declare my love for you to anyone who will listen." I couldn't create the perfect words in my head, they just spilled out of my eyes in the form of tears. We were both ready to die now, in eachothers arms. The woman bared their teeth, closing in on the last morsel of space between us. We both squeezed our eyes shut as we felt their icey breath on our skin. "Whatever happens, i'll always be with you." I breathed. So we waited to die, hand in hand.
I screamed as i felt a burning sensation of pain shoot through me. The skin on my leg felt as though it was bubbling. The seering pain caused me to cry out in pure, mind-numbing agony. I felt myself being dragged to my feet as through my pressed eyelids i saw a glowing light. Was i about to die? I wasn't sure, but if this was death, it was the most terrible, painful thing i'd ever felt. I began to feel dizzy as i heard a panicked voice. "Get him out!" it screamed. I felt a pair of warm arms warp around me, dragging me somewhere. I opened my eyes, but all i could see was a glowing blur. The pain had almost killed off all my senses. I tried to stand, but my attempt was pointless. I just let myself be taken wherever i needed to go. I didn't feel sacred anymore. I had accepted the fact that i was going to die, i didn't care how it had to happen.

"WAKE UP!" i heard a familiar voice shout. I felt a warm hand press against my forehead as i began to come to my senses. I was down a back alleyway, i opened my eyes to a pair of huge, chocolate orbs staring back at me. "Brendon..?" i murmered.
"He's okay!" i heard the voice call. I saw another blured figure dash over to where i lay.
"Get him up! We have to go, NOW!" I co-operated as well as i possibly could. Dashing along un-even pathways. My vision was still blurred, but i felt Brendon's hand grasping onto my own, leading me. I somehow felt safe.
"Stop!" i heard the voice call. We stedied to a halt.
"WHAT THE HELL!" i heard a voice cry,
"W-what's happened!?" i heard another concerned voice ask. I opened my eyes, my vision slowly altered back to normal. I was back at the trapdoor, I saw tatiana infront of me, tears streaming down her dark cheeks as she saw me in my blood covered state. Riley was holding Anna back as she screamed uncontrollably and i saw Caden and Jo grasping eachother closely, their eyes wide in shock. Mimi staggered and collapsed into a heap on the floor, she breathed heavily as her whole body shook violently.
"Ryan.." i heard a velvet voice say, i turned to see Brendon by my side. His face was beaten and scrathed. A huge, gaping cut was etched into his forehead, blood dripping from it. His hair stuck up wildly and his face was paler then usual, but somehow, his deep eyes still looked perfect.
"Brendon?" i groaned, confused and in pain. "What... what happened?"
"It was Mimi... she can... she can produce fire," Brendon began, "She took her chances, she burned them all, they're all ... d-dead." My head spun at the thought of each and every one of the filthy, blood-thirsty woman burning to death. I hoped they felt ten times the amount of pain they'd caused Brendon.
"You, you got burned though Ry- you're leg" Brendon whimpered. That would explain the bubbling pain in my leg before.
"I d-don't care," i stammered, "You're alive... we're alive." I smiled up at Brendon, who smiled lovingly back at me.
"I promise, i will never let anything happen to you again." He sighed, pressing his lips against mine. I didn't care who was watching. I kissed him deeply, opening my mouth and allowing his rough tounge to enter me. I groaned quietly as he ran his fingers through my messy hair. I could feel his wet tears on my face and i was sure that my blood would be staining his perfect, milky skin. I didn't care. The only thing that mattered was that we were both alive, and now, we could be together forever.
"Oh shit..." Riley stated, Anna screamed, terror trembling through her voice as she cried, warning us all. Me and Brendon's kiss broke as we turned to see our worst fear. They weren't all dead. Three of them strode towards us, they seemed weak, but still strong enough to kill us all. They now had more of a reason to seek revenge, their eyes glowed bright orange as they staggered towards us.
"What do we do?!" Jo cried, snuggling her head into Caden's chest. He wrapped his arm around her, as if to protect her, but it was no use. Mimi stared longingly at her hands, trying to create more fire, but the first spell had drained all of her energy, she had no chance. Anna screamed again, dashing back down through the trapdoor. Tatiana followed for her friend's sake. Brendon and i didn't move, we sat on the cobbled floor just staring. Jo tried to dash down too, but Caden stopped her.
"They'd follow us down!" Caden yelled, "A bit of wood isn't going to stop them for long, plus we'd be even more trapped down there, we have chance to scatter here, if they atack, then perhaps whoever survives meet back through the trapdoor?." It was painful to believe that Caden already had accepted the fact that some of us would die, but at least he has some hope.
"We, we can't win..." i said, as a sudden realisation flooded through me. Maybe we were all just meant to die.
"Don't say that!" Brendon yelled, holding the sides of my face in his hands. "We can get through this, we will win!"
"Got any smart idea's Urie!" Riley yelled. All eyes turned to brendon. He clutched me tightly, i could feel his hartbeat speeding up. He had no idea what to do now. Mimi was too weak to even stand up right now, and we were all very, very vulnerable.
"What do we do!" Jo cried.
"I DON'T KNOW!" Brendon yelled.
We all stayed motionless, hoping and praying that somehow something would save us.
We heard a loud banging behind us and we all turned to see Tatiana emerging from the trap-door, followed closely by Anna. They both held huge, sharp knives. One in each of their hands. "There..." anna breathed, handing one knife to Brendon. "I-i wanted to help...". Brendon smiled at her,
"Thanks, but... they really do have the upper hand, these probably won't help." Brendon sighed. Anna's face dropped as she sank to the floor, Tatiana slumped down next to her, wrapping her arms around her best friend's shoulder. We looked completley hopeless and the three woman stood only metres away from us. We were armed now, but we still had no chance. Our hearts plummeted as we all considered that we could die right now. At least we'd be dying with the ones we loved, right?
"Bye guys, i guess..." Jo sobbed, as tears rolled down her face. Caden's eyes mirrored hers and that set off Anna, which immediatley set off Tatiana. Mimi was already sobbing quietly on the floor. The only ones thaat weren't crying were me and Brendon. We sat staring into eachothers eyes, and for some reason, we were smiling. I think it was because we were together.
"Wait..." Riley stated as everybody else turned around to face him, "No.. we're not all going to die."
"What do you mean?" Anna sobbed,
"Somebody needs to distract them, the others use the knives?" he told us, his eyes glinting as he knew he'd maganed to think up a plan.
"Distract how?" Tatiana yelled,
"I'll show you." Riley breathed.

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