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There's no place like a murderscene.

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We watched, amazed at Riley approached the three woman.
"W-what are you doing?" i asked him, feeling anxious. He must have a plan, i hoped it would work. Riley stood, his hands clenched into tight fists, his shoulders pushed back, staring straight at them. He showed no signs of fear, although his heart was pounding in his chest. He was determined, but terrified, and truly greatful. As he stood, rooted to the spot, his nostrils flaring with anger, he let his mind wander back to the house he'd lived in for the past eighty years. He had been safe there, and happy, untill... spencer.
"Riley!" Tatiana yelled, "Get back here, what are you doing?!"
"I said not all of us have to die," he stated, his gaze never even for a second averting from the three killers. "But one of us does." It suddenly hit me as i realised what he was about to do, but it was too late to stop him.
"Riley NO!" Anna cried. We all screamed similar things to him as he ran at full speed towards the three woman. The only thoughts swirling around in his mind were of his friends and how they had so much more to live for than he did. And also, maybe now he would finally pay for what he had caused to happen to Spencer. Maybe now he could be with him. The women bared their teeth, ready to pounce. Riley slammed straight into them with full force as we all screamed in the background. He didn't even try to fight them, he simply let them tear him to shreads as he let out a peircing, pained scream, but with his last gasping breath he cried, "Stab them!".
I didn't even think. I grabbed one of the sharp blades off the floor and ran at them. Riley had just sacrificed himself so we could live, and although tears were still sreaming down my cheeks, i was not going to ingnore his last wishes. The women's backs were turned as they lapped up Riley's crimson blood, i was almost sick. I saw Brendon and Anna too, running at them with kinves in their hands, and rage in their hearts. My footsteps pounded on the hard ground. My breathing deepened as fury built up inside me. I had never had the will to murder before, but i would. My heart thumped in my chest as i reached the women. The ginger haired monster was right in line with my knife bearing hand. I didn't even hesitate as i plunged the sharp knife deep into her back, slashing it all the way down her spine. She screamed in agony as her blood spurted over me.
I felt no remorse as she collapsed to the floor, wailing and wriggling in pain. "Who's pathetic now!" i screamed. I wrenched the kinfe out of her and stabbed her again, my eyes watching wildly as she cried out for help. Every time i felt any sympathy, i remembered Brendon. They way she hurt him, almost killed him. The way she tore Riley limb from limb. I hope she fucking enjoyed her last meal. I watched as her glowing eyes darkened. I gazed as the life bled out if her untill she lay cold and motionless on the floor. I collapsed to my knees, dragging the kinfe out of her and throwing it over to my side. I glanced to my left, then to my right. Brendon and Anna were both staring over at me. A mangled, dead monster lay infront of each one of them too. They looked slashed and disfigured. They all died painfully, just like they deserved.
I burried my head into my hands, trying to come to terms with what i'd just done. Nobody spoke. The only sound that could be heard was our heavy breathing decreasing back to normal pace. I stared at my hands, they were covered in her blood. I glanced down at her cut up body and instead of feeling like a murderer, i felt like a hero. I almost felt proud of the fact that i'd killed. A cool breeze blew in, whipping my damp hair infront of my face. We were all motionless for a while as we began to come to terms with what had just happened.
"They're all dead." Brendon stated, I looked over at him. He had splattered blood stains all over his shirt and partly on his face. He dropped the knife, it made a metalic clank on the floor. It was over.
Nobody had anything to say. We had just lost Riley, we had just seen him being torn apart. Three of us had just murdered our enemies. We watched the life fade from their eyes. And most of all, it was all over. We no longer had anything left to hide from. We were free. Jo let out an almost pshycotic chuckle as we all glanced over at her. Her chest moved up and down as she breathed heavily. A huge grin spread across her face as she looked up at Caden. His smile mirrored hers as he flashed his dazzling white teeth. Anna began to laugh, not because she was amused, but because somewhere deep down inside herself, past Riley's death, she was happy. Tatiana smiled too, giggling along with Anna. Even a very weak and shocked Mimi let out a high pitched laugh. I rolled lyself over onto my bum, grinning over at Brendon. He beamed back at me. I almost threw myself over to him, wrapping my arms around him and squeezing him tightly. He clutched me back and once again, he kissed me, but this time with more passion. We'd won. I heard an aray of laughs and cheers as we all realised that we had come out victorious. We no longer had to live in fear. Tatiana and Anna dived into eachothers arms, almost squeezing the air out of eachother as Jo and Caden laughed hysterically, hand in hand.
Mimi rolled over onto her back, looking up at the sky. She felt completley at peace as she gazed at the dazzling, white clouds above her. She closed her eyes as she sensed a strange vibe. One she'd never felt before. It didn't take her long to figure out what it was, it was Riley. He was at peace too, he was safe and happy. In her head she graciously thanked him and smiled as for the first time in a hundred years, she let herself truly relax.
Then suddenly, everybodys joyous antics were interrupted by a beaming swirl of light. We all jumped back in fear as a huge, dazzling, blue circle formed infront of us. Brendon jumped to his feet and approached the light cautiously. Beautiful whites and silvers danced in the middle of it as it stopped, colours swirling around it's edges. "The porthole..." Mimi gasped. We all stared in amazement at the mezmerising orb infront of us. The moment of silence was soon broken by more cheers.
"We can go home!" Anna cried,
"Together.." Caden added.
"And we'll never be alone or vulnerable again!" Jo smiled, "We've got eachother." The others cheered and jumped in excitement as they knew they could leave. I shot a concerned glance over to Mimi, then back to brendon. My stomach twisted as i saw him staring at his feet. He couldn't leave. he was still bound to the house. He could never leave. Mimi struggled to her feet and took her place next to me. "We're going home Ryan," she whispered,
"We're leaving Brendon!?" i cried,
"You'll have to choose." she told me. I stared over at the crowd of excited, extactic people, then back over to Brendon. I had a choice to make.
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