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The value of my life.

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A twisted terror that caused my head to spin wildly as i sqeezed my eyes shut hoping that when i opened them it would all be a horiffic dream. That's what i felt as i was thrown visciously at a stone wall in an old, dimly lit room. An agonizing pain shot through my skull as i raised my hand to my head, feeling my warm blood dripping down the side of my face, leaving a crimson puddle on the cold floor. About a hundred women stared at me with hungry, ravenous eyes. I was merely their prey, they had no regard for the fact i was a living being. They were going to kill me, but they had no intention of doing it quickly or humainley.
The woman with the ginger hair crawled onto the floor, approaching me with a satanic glear. I squaled and backed myself so far up against the wall they my spine felt as though it were going to snap. She ran her long finger in a straight line through my blood, bringing her finger up to her face and running it along her outstretched tounge. The taste of my blood seemed to send her ever wilder than before. She wanted to feed, and i was her meal. She turned to the others as they snarled, baring their sharpened, kanine like teeth. "For too long now Urie has taken our prey and left us starving!" she cried, the others simply cheered in the background. They sounded like distant blurs to me, i was only focused on the fact that i was about to die. "But now we have you," she sneered, taking my neck and pinning me against the wall with all her strength. She rose up, taking me with her. My back scraped along the rough wall and i felt more blood dripping down me. I screamed in horror and pain, squeezing my eyes tightly shut again, although i knew it wouldn't help.
"We'll kill you," the woman whispered, i could feel her cold, stale breath on my face as i sobbed uncontrolably. My tears soaking her stone like hand. I knew it for certain, i was going to die. I wondered if it would hurt, but there was no way i could possibly be in more pain than i was now. I was wrong. The woman threw me to the concrete floor as and kicked me hard in the stomach. My viscious sobbing and the pain churning in my gut caused me to throw up harshly where i lay. The women all laughed and cheered, i stared up at them, there were so many. I couldn't possibly be enough to feed them all.
"Please, stop!" i begged, knowing it would get me nowhere, probably only motivate them more.
"This one shall be a revenge kill!" The woman in the peach dress shouted to the others, who responded loudly. She dropped onto the floor, her face only a few centimetres from my own. "For Brendon Urie." she breathed. My stomach wretched again when she mentioned Brendon, but i maganed the keep the vomit in. I couldn't stand the thought of Brendon hurting so badly. I cried harder when i thought of his face when he heard that i was dead. I knew i shouldn't speak, but if these were my last few moments i wanted to make them count.
"I love Brendon Urie!" i spat at her. She recoiled a little, the corners of her mouth turning up into a mocking grin.
"Foolish boy..." she growled, slapping my face back down onto the floor. I screamed again as blood began to trickle from my nose. "Love doesn't exist. He used you for company, for his own selfish needs!"
"He loves me!" i sobbed back at her. I was terrified of what else she could possibly do to me, but if i was going to die now, i wanted the world to know, I Love Brendon Urie.
"He lies." she grinned, "What does it matter anyway? you're ours now." She was right. This would be my painful end. "You're pathetic." she snarled. The words reminded me of my father. I remembered all the times he'd hurt me, all the times he'd called me pathetic and i always believed him, but not this time.
"I'm not pathetic." i cried, the woman responded with another sharp dig to the stomach. The stood up, dragging me up with her by my arm and swung me into the wall. Pain shot through me, tingling in every nerve, torturing my body slowly. I screamed and cried, but the only people that could hear me were those that wanted me dead. She pinned me against the wall again, digging her long, sharp fingernails into my chest and dragging them down through my flesh slowly and painfully. The pain was so agonising, i wanted to die. I wanted this to end. There was no going back now, this was it.
"KILL ME!" i begged her. She retracted her nails and glared at me with her deep red eyes.
"Begging for death already?" she smirked, "We haven't finished with you yet, in fact we've only just started." I let out another loud sob as my whole body shook mentally from pain and fear. Why could they not just kill me quickly? I let my mind stur back to Brendon, his warm chocolate eyes circled in my pounding head. I wished i could've told him i loved him one last time. I wished he knew what he really meant to me, but i was stupid enough to let myself up here. This was the consequences for my actions. The woman smelled my arm, moving her face alowly up to my shoulder, then with a loud screach she sunk her knife-like teeth into me. I let out a peircing, painful scream that made the other women laugh and cheer again. My torture was their entertainment, my humiliation was their idea of fun. I couldn't fight through my pain, but i knew that when i died, i would die with Brendon in my heart.

"Come with me!?" Brendon cried to Mimi when she finally loosened her grasp on his arm. "I'm going with or without you." Mimi nodded as Brendon dashed off into the distance. She sprinted after him, determined to keep up with his pace. He didn't know where he was going, he only knew that he had to get there as quick as possible. Time was of the essence. If he didn't find Ryan in time, then he would be dead, and Brendon's life would be over. He'd known true love and it's name was Ryan Ross. He realised he couldn't live without him.
Brendon and Mimi darted along back allyways and cobbled streets, desperatley searching for any trace of Ryan untill they were red in the face and exhausted. Mimi grabbed Brendon by the hand and stopped him. "We've found nothing!" she declared, "This isn't working!"
"Well i don't know what else will work!" Brendon yelled, sweat dripping past his pained, desperate eyes. "I'm going to find Ryan and if this is the only way to do it then i'll keep running forever!"
"Let's just think... Bren... Please..." Mimi begged, but she was interrupted by a peircing, blood curdling scream.
"Ryan!" Brendon cried, rocketing off towards the sound, Mimi following close behind.
They saw a dim light coming from a large building, it looked like an abandoned factory of some sort. They both crept silently over to a dirty, smashed window to look inside. Mimi immeditaley masked Brendon's mouth with her hand so his screams only sounded like muffled cries. He saw Ryan, screaming in pain, blood dripping all over his beautiful face, forming a pool on the concrete floor, teeth dug into his right shoulder. A woman let him go and he dropped to the ground, sobbing and shaking violently. She stood over him proudly as the crowd of foul monsters jeered behind her. Brendon had to save him, he didn't know how, but he couldn't watch them hurt him. If Ryan was going to die, Brendon was going to die with him, hand in hand.
He bit Mimi's hand hard, she yelped as she retracted. He made a dash for the door as soon as he was out of her grasp. "NO BRENDON!" she yelled, but it was too late.
"RYAN!" he screamed as he stood in the doorway. Brendon saw Ryan's perfect eyes stare up at him as his face filled with a mixture of joy and terror. He had every pair of eyes in the room fixed on him.
"Urie." one woman stated. Brendon breathed heavily as fear pulsed through his veins,
"Let him go!" he ordered her, "Take me instead.." She snarled at Brendon, bearing her blood stained teeth. They were stained with Ryan's blood, which only angered him more.
"You've took our prey for over one hundred years," she spat "and you expect me to let him go?!"
"Take me instead. He's done nothing to you." Brendon pleaded,
"Why would you say that?" the woman asked, raising an eyebrow to him, "Why would you be willing to risk your life for this patietic boy?" She sneered over at Ryan, who was sobbing uncontrollably.
"Because..." he began, "I love him." The room filled with wicked laughter, but Brendon hardly heard it. He stared straight into Ryan's eyes and Ryan stared back.
"I love you." Ryan whimpered. And somehow, even with death staring them both in the face, they smiled at eachother.
Brendon's smile was immediatley knocked away as he recived a sharp blow to the face that sent him flying onto the floor. Pain wretched through his back as he groaned loudly. "BRENDON!" he heard Ryan scream as they women all surrounded him. Closing in on him slowly, they were going to kill him, but at least Ryan had the chance to save himself, and that was all Brendon wanted.

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