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How well can a heart ripped in two function?

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I spent the rest of the day with Anna and Tatiana talking. They were very interesting people, both very beautiful too. They seemed to have a sort of bond, a strong friendship, an unbreakable friendship. Jo and Caden talked all day, i kept hearing giggles coming from their end of the room. Mimi comforted Riley too, he seemed to cheer up once she invited him over to the fountain with her. Everything seemed pretty perfect, especially with Brendon.
I figured that since the last time i'd gone to find Brendon myself it had turned out really well, i'd do it again. I left the room, pacing the familiar hallway, breathing in it's familiar musky scent. I looked in my Bedroom, he wasn't there. I tried to open the door to the garden, but it was locked. I doubted he would be in Mimi's room, then i noticed another doorway, one i'd never been in before. Maybe last night had inspired Brendon to create another masterpiece for me. Another room made exactly perfect to my liking. My body brimmed with excitement as i turned the handle, wondering what treasures would lurk inside, alothugh the thing i would treasure most in there would be Brendon.
I swung the door open and my face dropped a little. There was only some stairs. They were a dirty wood, nothing special or interesting. They were quite high up, but looked unsteady, as if they were going to break. At the top of them was a small, wooden trap-door. Maybe Brendon made this room look so dismal so whatever was above the trap-door looked all the more amazing! I climbed the stairs eagerly and placed my hand on the trap-door. Anticipation ate through me as i wondered what was on the other side.

Brendon breathed in the scent of burning sandalwood from Mimi's insence burner. He sat cross-legged on the floor in her room. 'I'll stay for another ten minutes or so, then i'll go and get Ryan.' he thought to himself. In his head, Brendon invisioned room after room that he would create for Ryan. He imagined sunset beaches and mysterious forests. He could take Ryan anywhere he wanted. Their lives could be truly magical now that Ryan's trust was upon him.
Then suddenly Brendon felt a strange feeling in his chest. A sort of emptiness, as if something was missing. He widened his eyes as he went inside his mind, trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong. The feeling of emptiness soon evolved to fear as he realised it was a message from the house. Somebody was missing, he could sense it, he could feel it. He was the house, and somebody was missing from him. He shot up immediatley. 'No!' he told himself, 'Nobody's gone through the trap-door, they wouldn't!'

I breathed in the scent of fresh, clean, crisp air as i stood above the trap-door. I took in the scenery, tudor styled buildings, cobbled pavements and a cloudy sky. 'This doesn't seem anywhere near as beautiful as the other places Brendon's created' i thought. Maybe it was just beacuse he didn't have much time to make this one. I paced along the bumpy, mucky street. "Brendon!" i called, hoping for a reply, or hoping to see him stepping out from one of the buildings, beckoning me over. I heard light footsteps from behind me. I didn't turn around, i knew it was Brendon. I waited excitedly for him to warp his arms around me from behind and whisper in my ear, but after a while, i realised the footsetps had stopped, and i felt nothing.
I turned around, my eyes widening in horror as i did so. Infront of me, stood a woman. She had an angelic face, with a devilish smile, just like Brendon. But she was not beautiful, she looked evil, wicked. She wore a long, vintage peach coloured dress that puffed out at the bottom like a ballgown. Her glowing ginger hair was scraped back and hung loosley behind her head. She glared at me with pericing red eyes and at that moment i realised where i was. I was above ground, in the danger zone. Brendon couldn't protect me now, nobody could. I whimpered as she stepped closer to me, her footsteps pounding on the ground as me heart pounded in my chest, about to break through my ribcage.
I could try to run, but it would be too late. I took a quick glance behind me, only to wish i hadn't. There were more of them, about five more, all lined up behind me. They had me surrounded, i was trapped. "P-please don't hurt me" i whimpered as a tear rolled down my cheek. My whole body shook and shivered as i knew that now i would probably die, but in the back of my mind, as pathetic as it was, i hoped that Brendon would come and save me. There was no way that he would though, he didn't even know i was up here.
The ginger haired woman strode up to me, her head held in a high position, her back straight. She stood only a few centimetres away from me, circling me. She took my face into her cold, bony hands and looked me up and down, squeezing my cheeks in a mannor that stung the sides of my face. I tried to mask my uncontrollable sobs, but it was useless. The woman looked over to her soldiers, "Take him." she told them. And in a blur, they all dived on me at once. I screamed at the top of my lungs for the one person i wished could be holding me in his arms now. The one person i was truly safe with. The one person i loved.

Brendon staggered out of Mimi's room, knocking over her collection of cards. They all landed on the ground with a huge thump. "Shit!" Brendon exclaimed to himself as he ran out of the room. He realised what he feared was true as he saw that the door leading above was left open. He dashed through the door. The sight of the trap-door opened above him almost knocked him sick with worry. Who was out there? Whoever it was could be dead right now! He had to know, he had to try and help! He climbed out of the trap-door, only to be dragged back down. He turned to see Mimi with an agonised look on her face. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" she screamed at him.
"Somebody's gone!" Brendon cried, "What are you doing here?"
"We heard the bang and thought we'd see if you were okay.." Brendon heard a small voice say, he looked round the corner to see Jo looking at him with a concerned look upon her face. He saw Jo and Caden, Anna and Tatiana and Riley... and Mimi. Where was Ryan?
"Ryan.." Brendon said to himself, "RYAN!" he screamed, "RYAN'S GONE!" Brendon launched himself up the stairs, desperate to find Ryan, to save him from whatever was possibly hurting him.
"No!" Mimi screamed as Caden darted towards the stairs after Brendon.
"Shit!" Caden cried as he felt a hand pull him down sharply, he hit his head hard on the stairs as he fell in a crumpled pile at the bottom. He looked up with blury eyes to see Jo staring at him, tears pouring down her cheeks. Anna and Tatiana looked at eachother.
"She pulled Caden down," Anna grinned to her best friend,
"Why wouldn't she?" Tatiana asked,
"Well.. she saved Caden instead of Brendon." Both of the girls faces lit up. They rushed towards Caden to try and help.
By this time Mimi had dashed through the trap-door after Brendon. "BRENDON!" she heard somebody scream, it sounded like Ryan. Brendon stood, rooted to the ground with fear as he saw Ryan being dragged away by a group of blood hungry women. He tried to run towards him, not caring if this move would be his last. He couldn't leave the man he loved to die. He tried to run, but Mimi grasped him in her iron grip. She wrapped both her incredibly strong arms around him as he kicked and screamed for her to get off him. He watched as the woman dragged a terrified, sobbing, screaming Ryan away to what must be his death. "LET FUCKING GO OF ME!" he sobbed at Mimi. Tears plummeted down from the sides of his face, "THEY'VE GOT RYAN! THEY'VE GOT MY RYAN!" Mimi refused to let go, knowing that if she did she'd be sending her best friend to his gory death.
"RYAN!" Brendon sobbed, his throat stinging visciously from the power of his voice. "MIMI, LET GO, LET ME SAVE HIM! HE'S GONNA DIE!" Brendon sobbed. Almost throwing up from the intensity of his crying. Ryan was now out of sight and Brendon could feel his own heart rip in two as he knew that the man he loved was being dragged, traumetised to his death.
"I'm sorry," Mimi cried into Brendon's shoulder.
"I PROMISE I'LL SAVE YOU RYAN!" He screamed, hoping Ryan could hear, "I WON'T LET THEM HURT YOU!". Brendon sobbed uncontrollably, tears staining his white shirt. Mimi unwrapped her arms from around him, still keeping a firm grasp of his arm so he couldn't run. Brendon dropped to his knees, "R-ryan's gonna die.." he sobbed. Mimi was crying too, it pained her to see Brendon like this, but it would've pained her more to see him die. Brendon shot a disgusted, almost evil glance over to Mimi. "I-i couldn't let you die.." she cried. They stared at eachother, their gaze locked. Mimi had never sensed any vibes so negitive in her life, but she didn't mention it.
" I will save him." Brendon snarled at her. Mimi shook her head,
"It's too late," she cried
"You'll have to let go of me sometime Madeline, and i will find him. And if he's dead, i will let them have me." He spat,
"You wouldn't!" Mimi gasped
"I will." Brendon stated as the tears glistened on his pale, milky cheeks.
Mimi had no other choice, she had to let him go, but she would help him. She would do anything to keep him alive, if not for the good of herself, for the good of everybody else who lived underground with her. If Brendon died, their whole world would be destroyed, leaving them all vulnerable.
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