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The world above me

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I awoke the next morning letting out a small yawn. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, letting memories of the night before enter my memory. I looked around the room, i was alone in the bed. Brendon had already left. I sighed remembering how perfect it felt to fall asleep in his strong arms. I could've stayed in my room and fantasized all day, but i wanted to see Brendon, so i stumbled out of bed and down the hallway.
I swung the door open to the house room and sleepily wandered over to the fireplace. The fire wasn't on, but the room seemed a lot warmer today. It was probably because the vibe was more positive. I saw Mimi in the kitchen singing softly to herself as she cooked on the hob. Riley was still on his own, but he looked relaxed as he lay, eyes closed in the fountain. Jo walked past me, i tried to avoid eye contact untill i saw her flash a dazzling smile at me. It stopped me in my tracks, i stared after her as she sat went to join Caden on his bed. They sat and smiled at eachother, begining to talk. 'Did she just smile at me?' i thought. Wow, thing's must be a lot happier today.
Anna and Tatiana were sat by the fireplace. Tatiana was massaging Anna's shoulders as Anna closed her eyes and relaxed herself. "Hey," i smiled as i sat down across from them.
"Oh hi!" Tatiana beamed, taking her hand off Anna's shoulders. Anna smiled "Thanks Tatz!" she grinned, "I feel much better now." She Opened her eyes and stared at me, giggling a litte as she did so. "Oh hey Ryan," she smirked, "Did you sleep well?"
"Yeah brilliantly," i beamed, Tatiana and Anna giggled to eachother.
"I heard you spent the night with Brendon," Anna told me, a cheeky grin spreading across the corners of her mouth.
"Oh.. umm.. yeah.." i began,
"We saw him going into your room to wait for you," Tatiana explained. I nodded, smiling a little myself. All three of us giggled a little as we knw that there was no need to be getting into more detail.
Anna flipped a strand of mid-length, shining hair behind her back and her and Tatiana exchanged a quick look. I'm assuming they both knew what it meant. "So," she began "Did you two.. talk?"
"Yeah of course," i replied, "what in particular about?"
"Everything.." Tatiana said, "Do you know about everything now?". I racked my brains for anything that i didn't know.
"Yeah i think so.." i told them, feeling a little confused.
"Just so you know," Anna smiled, "We're here for you if you're curious about anything."
"We were when we were as new as you," Tatiana added.
"Well... there is one thing i wanted to now." i told them. They both stared at me intently, waiting for me to fire any questions at them. "I was just cuious.. about.. what exactly is above us. What are we hiding from?"
"I see," Tatiana sighed, her and Anna shot another concerned glance at eachother as if they were considering whether to tell me or not. They both nodded in sync. "Okay," Tatiana nodded.
"Remember, you asked for it," Anna added.

"Well, for a start, Brendon and Mimi are a lot older than you would think. They don't age you see, Mimi managed to create some sort of spell for that." Tatiana Began,
"Nobody ages down here," Anna smiled, "we've been down here for about seventy years and we've looked this way the whole time."
"Anyway, back to the story." Tatiana interrupted, "Well they both lived in the above world, it was a beautiful, livley town back then. A loving community, but then one day a disease spread through the town. Some sort of horrible plague, and it only seemed to affect the woman. They were on the verge of death, when Mimi created a cure."
"Well the thought it was a cure anyway," Anna frowned, "When she gave it to the women, they became better completley within a few days. She used some natural herbs that she found, they were untouched, and for a good reason. She experimented with them, and the news spread quickly about the cure. Pretty soon every infected woman had used the cure, but it changed them."
"They were'nt the same..." Tatiana sighed, "They hardly talked to anybody and became distant from their families and friends. They acted strangley and it was too late when they found out why."
"It turns out that the 'cure'gave them a longing for human flesh. They can only feed on the vulnerable. They killed their husbands and cildren in their sleep, at their most vulnerable stage. Mimi's felt guilty ever since, that's why she stayed here. She has the ability to leave, but she created this mess."
"That's why Brendon came to save me when i fell asleep?" I asked,
"Yes, you were at your most vulnerable." Anna sighed.
"Well how did i get here?" i asked,
"There's a porthole," Tatiana explained, "The woman use it to take in new prey. They can only be teleported here if they are at their most vulnerable."
"I'd just ran away from home.." i added,
"Exactly, that's why they were able to take you, Anna grinned. "Once there was nobody left for them to prey on they simply took people from other planets, galaxies, families."
"Why can't we all escape through the porthole?" i asked,
"Nobody knows where it is," Anna told me, "Plus it changes position constantly and is usually guarded." I sighed, i really would be here forever.
I hung my head, desperatley trying to think or ways to get us all out of here. We could make a plan, we could all leave. Then i remembered, Brendon was bound to the house. He could never leave. And i could never leave him.
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