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I will always protect you. I promise.

by secretive

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I kissed Brendon softly on his perfect lips as he moved his hand to stroke my chest tenderly. His fingers began playing with the remaining buttons on my shirt, undoing them one by one. His warm hand ran down my left arm, taking half on my shirt with it. The other half fell off my right shoulder and landed in a crumpled pile on my leg. I threw it onto the floor carelessly as the only thing on my mind right now was Brendon's soft hands carressing my bare back. They felt warm as he surrounded me in his passionate embrace.
I felt my heart pounding faster, so fast that my veins were throbbing as i stroked down Brendon's chest untill i got to his crotch. I fumbled around desperatley trying to undo it. It didn't seem to be coming undone. I began to panic a little, but Brendon grabbed my hand and stared up into my eyes. "Don't worry," he told me in a calm, smooth voice, "Just relax." I sighed as part of my nervousness melted away into his beautiful eyes. I reached my hand down again, but he'd already undone his button, i grinned.
I slid my hand down his pants. Wow, he was really hard. I didn't want to dissapoint him, although this was my first time. I began edging his pants down carefully, but all the anticipation was killing me. I was sure i should take things slowly for my first time, but i was becoming hornier by the second. I dragged his pants down and off swiftly and kissed his toned stomach. He sighed happily as my warm lips came into contact with his cool skin. "Mmmhh i love you Ryan," he breathed as i began to kiss him further and further down.
Brendon stopped me as he moved his hand onto the side of my face, me pushed me up harshly, taking me by surprise. I gasped as he layed me down on my back and began ripping off my trousers. Once they were off, he threw them next to my shirt on the floor and began coppying my kisses. I shivered as his cold face pressed against my warm stomach. He began to kiss me further and further down. "Oh Brendon," i moaned "I want you." I really did want him, it was torturous having his face so close to my errection, feeling his breath on my crotch. Then i felt a tugging on my boxers as he began to pull them down using hs teeth. He struggled once he got to my member so used his hands to pull them off me. "Oh fuck," i moaned as he began to kiss my member softly, moving further and further up to the tip.
He was teasing me seductivley, my heart pulsed and an amazing sensation spread through my body as he brought his touge up and ran it along my member. I groaned in pleasure as he got to the tip, planting kisses on it, teasing me more. Then i moaned loudly, not even blushing as i did so as my member entered into Brendon's warm mouth. He began moving his head up and down at a steady pace, making smooth licking motions with his tounge. I arched my back, the sensation causing me to squirm with pure pleasure. I groaned seductivley as he sped up the pace. "Oh fuck Brendon!" i cried as i felt myself coming to a climax. "Mmmhhhh.." i breathed as the amazing sensation began to highten ever more, i screwed my eyes shut and gave one last tantelising moan as i came into brendon's mouh. He swallowed welcomingly and rose his head up to my level. "Fuck Ryan, you're big!" he breathed, i giggled a little.
I wasn't sure what to do next. I gazed at the golwing red candlelight reflecting off brendon's gorgeous pale skin as he rose up onto his knees. He took my face into his hands and kissed my passionatley and deeply once again. I didn't even bother me kissing him after what he'd just done. I kissed him back with more power, forcing me back ontop of him. Brendon pulled away from he kiss leaving me hungry for his soft lips again. "Ryan..." he began, sitting up, leaving my lay awkwardly on my front, "stay like this.." he told me, lifting me up into my hands and knees. 'Oh god' i thought 'this is it!'. I was nervous, but this moment, no matter how painful was going to be perfection. How couldn't it be if i was sharing it with Brendon?
Brendon positioned himself behind me, breathing deeply. He seemed nervous too. "B-berfore i do this, i just want you to know that i l-love you." he stammered. "Just relax'"
"You relax too Brendon," i smiled. He grinned back at me, a sweet yet seductive grin. Brendon's head was poinding from the anticipation. He had been getting harder and more aroused every second. Plus Ryan's sexual moans had only made him want this more. He was so perfect, he looked so delicate. Brendon was afraid to hurt him, but it had to be done. He looked so god damn sexy on his hands and knees. 'Okay', Brendon thought, 'Let's do this." Brendon slowly pushed himself inside me, i let out a pained whimper as a stinging sensation shot through my entrance. Brendon knew i was in pain, so he moved slowly in and out of me. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly as a few tears spilled out of them. The pain was almost unbearablem i didn't know it was going to hurt like this! Brendon placed his warm hand on my back and slowly stroked it, it soothed me a little as i fought through the pain.
It took a while, but i finally got used to the pain. It left me completley. Now we were ready to make this fun as well as special. We were two men in love, both sweating, aroused, wanting eachother so madly it hurt. "Bren... Fuck me harder.." i begged. Brendon agreed almost immediatley, increasing the speed of his thrusting. He moaned loudy as it began to feel as amazing for him as it did for me. "Oh, Ryan!" he groaned as he began to slam harder into me, our skin slapping together harshly.
"Mmmhh, god Brendon, that feels amazing!" i cried as he thrusted hard into me, hitting my G-spot. I was perspiring constantly, so was Brendon.
Suddenly, he pulled out of me. I groaned as i confused expression painted across my face, i turned to look at Brendon, who immediatley flipped me onto my front. "W-what are you doing?" i asked,
"I want to be able to look into your eyes when i come," he breathed. His dewy breath hit my skin, causing me to shiver with excitement. Brendon positioned himself between my legs and entered me again. It didn't hurt even nearly as much this time. I moaned and whimpered consistantly as he moved in and out of me. My groans only got louder as he increased speed. I began to notice myself getting hard again, so did Brendon. e wrapped his hand around my hardening member and began to pump it up and down at in the same rhythem as his thrusting. "Oh my god, fuck Brendon!" i moaned as my orgasming almost doubled. My back arched and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as Brendon began to thrust harder and faster, following the same rhythem on my member. His breathing got deeper as he let out seductive moans. I looked over at him and his perfect gaze met mine. His moaning turned me on even more and only seemed to add to my evergrowing pleasure.
"Ry- i think i'm gonna...," he breathed. His sentence was cut off by his own loud moaning as he climaxed and let his load out inside me. It felt so good having him cum inside me, but not as good as his hand fastly bringing me to yet another climax. "Oh fuck Brendon..." i groaned as i came into his hand. That was it. It was over, and it was perfect. I flopped down onto the bed as Brendon lay down next to me. He moved up to me, laying his head on my bare chest. "I can hear your heartbeat," he smiled. I smiled too, i felt truly happy here with him. I couldn't help thinking, maybe this is how it's meant to be. Maybe all the bad things that have happened to me in my life, happened so i could be here right now. Maybe everything has been leading up to this moment, and it could only get better now.
"I love you," we both sighed in sync. We both shot excited glances as eachother and giggled at the fact we'd sd it at the same time. We must've just both felt the same way.
"Ryan.. i think you should get some sleep," Brendon smiled, sitting himself up and reaching over for his shirt,
"Wait!" i cried, grabbing his arm. "Can't you stay here?". Brendon's eyes widened,
"Well yeah i guess... i guess i could.. fall asleep with you in my arms right here..." he stammered. A huge grin spread accross my face as i pulled his arm over me and hugged it tightly. Brendon smiley sweetly down at me and from that moment, as he gazed longingly at the beautiful, delicate man that he loved, he promised himself that he'd always protect me. No matter what.
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