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I'm so positive, You're so negative, but we're like Magnets.

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"What are you doing here?" i asked Brendon. His devilish, cheeky smile never left his lips.
"I'm here to see you," he grinned. I wasn't surprised that he knew i was going to come in here, he always seemed to know everything that was going on in this place.
"Brendon i need to talk to you," i began, but i was intrrupted by Brendon's soft lips pressing up against my own. I slowly kissed him back and almost forgot why i wanted to talk to him in the first place. "Mmhhhh.." i sighed as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. "W-wait..." i stammered, pulling away from him. Brendon looked a little hurt,
"What is it?" he asked me caringly.
"I need to talk to you," i told him
"What do you want to talk to me about?" He asked, widening his angelic eyes and raising his eyebrows.
"It's... it's Riley," i began, "Did you... did you hurt him,". Brendon stared at me and stepped back. He looked shocked, i guess hedidn't expect me to notice.
"Well..." he began, he searched for the right words to say, but couldn't find them.
"OH MY GOD!" i yelled, "You did!"
"I didn't mean to" Brendon pleaded steping towards me and placing his hand on my shoulder. I slapped it off immeditaley, stepping back as i glared at him, a look of disgust painted accross my face. I turned to leave the room, no longer wanting to be in Brendon's presence. "Wait," he cried,grabbing my arm and pulling me back to face him.
"No, Brendon!" i yelled, "I don't want to talk to you..."
"Let me explain!" Brendon cried. I stared at him in shock as i saw his eyes welling up with tears. I'd never seen him look this weak before. My heart melted as i saw a glistening tear run down his pale cheek. I sighed, wanting more than anything to hold him in my arms, but i couldn't.
"Explain then..." i sighed, Brendon's eyes lit up immeditaley, but he only had one chance.
"Well, you see. I once knew this man, his name was Spencer. He came down here just after Riley did. Mimi told me that he was coming, but she warned me about him. She told me that he was only going to cause trouble, but i couldn't leave him to get killed, so i brought him down here." Brendon told me, another tear rolling down his face. I listened to him intentley.
"Well we became friends pretty quickly, but i had to try and keep my position as the lead of everybody. If people thought i was too soft, they could walk all over me. They might try and leave, then they'd die. So i left Spencer with Riley and the others. Riley and Spencer got along really well, actually a little too well. Riley began flirting with him, a lot! and Spencer seemed to flirt back. They became really close and it was beautiful, but then one day, they'd both had enough of being down here. Riley convinced him that they should both escape together, so one night they did. But i sensed that they'd left and immediatley ran after them." Brendon's face screwed up as he remembered that night. "They didn't understand what was up there, i managed to save Riley, but it was too late for spencer. They took him, there was nothing i could do." Brendon looked up at me with gilmmering eyes and tear stained cheeks. "I didn't want the same to happen to you Ryan. I couldn't live with myself if it did. Then i saw him flirting with you like he did with Spencer. So i had to do something to stop it... i-'m i'm so sorry."

I wasn't expecting that. I didn't expect to have any feelings of remorse towards Brendon, not after he'd hurt Riley. "I didn't mean to hurt him though..." Brendon sniffled, "He lashed out at me when i mentioned Spencer, it was self defence."
"So you didn't... punish him?" i asked,
"Ryan," he cried, "That's something i say to scare people, so they don't try and leave!.. I'm sorry, you can go now."
I took one look at Brendon, the pain in his eyes, the tears on his face. He only wanted to keep us all safe. I was beginning to see reason behind all the strange things he did. I almost threw myself at him, planting little kisses all over him. He giggled a little as the force of my weight caused him to fall backwards. Luckily my bed broke his fall. "Brendon i had no idea," I whispered, sotly kissing his neck. I felt Brendon's tense stature unease and relax.
"I'm sorry Ryan," he breathed back to me,
"Don't be," i told him, smiling. Brendon smiled back, then raised one eyebrow as he realised the position we were in. I was on top of him, both of my legs at either side of his. I blushed, 'crap, maybe i've taken this a bit too far!' i thought to myself. But my thoughts were soon erased by Brendon pressing his lips against mine, i relaxed myself, letting his tounge enter my mouth.
I could feel Brendon's previous tears wetting my face our kiss became more rough. I kissed him back viciously as we both sat up, my legs were still wrapped around him, i was sat ontop of him. I let my lips leave his and we both stared into eachothers eyes. "Brendon.." i began, "I really like you,"
"I really like you too," Brendon smiled. He gave me another soft kiss on my lips and i shivered, the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.
"But Brendon..." i whispered in his ear, "I think... i think i'm falling for you." Brendon's smile widened ever more and i felt his heartbeat speed up rapidly as his chest was pressed up against my own.
"I've already fallen." Brendon told me. I felt the butterflies begin to fill up my stomach again. I threw myself onto Brendon again, pushing him backwards so i was laying on him again. I kissed him feircley, wanting my body to be as close to his as possible. By now his top hat had rolled onto the floor and i was beginning to undo the buttons of his blaser, he slipped it off, our lips never unlocking. 'Crap..' i thought to myself. I'd noticed that i was extreemley hard, Brendon must've noticed. He stopped kissingme and once again raised an eyebrow seductivley, he'd noticed.
We both sat up again, as we did i could feel that he had the same problem. I began to feel very nervous, what now? I'd never done anything sexual before. Brendon looked into my eyes, sensing that i was uncomfortable. "Nothing has to happen if you don't want it to." he smiled at me.
"Well..." i said awkwardly, "I kind of,".
"Me too," Brendon grinned. He gave me a cheeky smile, it made me want to kiss him more. I let out a little moan as Brendon moved his hips. "You're so cute Ryan Ross," he whispered, "I can't stand it." He suddenly rolled over so he was on top of me and began undoing the buttons on my shirt. "You're so sexy.." he moaned seductivley. 'This is is' i thought to myself, 'this is going ot be my first time.' And although i was nervous, my heart was pounding almost painfully in my chest and my palms were sweating like mad, i couldn't feel happier... or safer.
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