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Now we're making some progress.

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"Hey," Caden smiled up at Jo. She nodded her head un-enthusiastically. Caden frowned, he always tried to make an effort with Jo. He tried to talk to her, he tried to show her that he cared, but she never seemed to understand his feelings. She blocked them out. "You okay? he asked, again she nodded. Caden sighed, he wished that just one time he could look into her glistening eyes and see her looking back, but she usually avoided eye contact, or contact of any sort actually.
Caden hated how he felt, but he couldn't help it. He cared very deeply for Jo, he had always seen something in her, something different. He thought maybe she wasn't as ignorant and stubborn as she seemed, maybe she was just... hurting.
"Jo..." he began, he got no reply. "JO!" he yelled. Jo shot her glance over to him, startled. He also got a few other startled glanced from accros the room. "Sorry i had to shout, but you responded." he stated,
"Y-yes..." Jo stammered, at least Caden was getting a result.
"Why won't you talk to me?" he asked, staring longingly at her pale face.
"I-.." she paused, "I- don't... i don't know..." she replied awkwardly, twidding her thumbs in her lap. "I guess i just... thought nobody really wanted to talk to me."
"I do..." Caden replied, his gleaming, mocha eyes staring straight into hers. Jo blushed a little, her eyes widening. She was clearly startled.
"W-why?" she asked quitely, twisting a strand of honey coloured hair in her fingers.
"Well, why wouldn't i?" he asked her, "You live with me after all right?" He grinned slightly.
"But i'm always so, boring and distant.." Jo began,
"You're different," Caden interrupted, "interesting."
"Really?" Jo chimed enthusiastically, her cheeks immediatley flushing bright red as she realised how happy she sounded.
"Well... yeah" Caden smiled, "We should talk more." Jo's eyes lit up, she straightened her posture as a sudden feling of happiness swan through her.
"We could talk now..." Jo suggested. Caden smiled.
Their conversation flowed perfectly.

"Fuck." I whispered to myself, "Fuck fuck fuck." I paced quickly up and down through the kitchen. I wasn't quite sure what to do right now. On one side, Brendon was sweet, he cared about me, i obviously liked him lot. He creates beautiful gardens for me, he knows my favourite things (Obviously Mimi told him but that's not the point), and we kissed! But on the other hand, he's creepy, he possibly hurt Riley through pure jealousy, he kidnapped me and for all i know he could be a complete madman!
"Fuck." i stated again. Stopping in the middle of the kitchenand trying to compose myself. I tapped my foot repeatedly on the floor in irritation. I was desperate to see Brendon, to tell him what was on my mind right now. To ask him about Riley. I couldn't stand the anticipation, i was fidgeting like mad! 'Oh fuck it' i thought, 'i'm not waiting for him to come to me, i'm going to find him'. I took a deep breath and marched over to the door, it creaked loudly as i swung it open, "Where are you going?" Mimi called after me, but it was too late to reply as i was already making my way down the hallway.
'I'll go into my room first,' i thought. I wanted to at least change clothes first and i remembered the clothes i'd entered in. They would be dry now, folded neatly on my bed. I swung the door to my room open and jumped as i saw Brendon stood there. He was stood in the middle of my room, his arms placed neatly behind his back. He was wearing his red blazer again and his top hat, the intimidated me. He raised an eyebrow to me, giving me a stren half-smile. I gulped as i approached him, closing the door softly behind me.
"Ryan.." he greeted me,
"Brendon," i replied.
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