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Yesterday is History.

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Mimi and myself made our way back to the house. As soon as the door creaked open i fel a freezing breeze biting at my skin. "Negitivity," Mimi stated. I looked at her, tilting my head to the side. "You can feel it," she told me, "It's cold."
"It is..." i shivered. Mimi strode over to the fountain where Anna and Tatiana were chatting to eachother, looking reasonably happy. I scanned the room,. Jo was sat motionles on her bed, whilst Caden sat on the bedroom floor looking eaqually as depressed. I saw Riley curled up next to the fireplace, it seemed like a smart place to sit since it was so cold. I paced over to join him and sat next to him, curling my knees up and wrapping my arms around them. "Hey..." i grinned,
"Hi." he sid, looking down at his feet awkwardly.
"Cold isn't it huh?" i smiled, he looked away from me, ignoring me completley. I felt a little hurt, i'd done nothing wrong, had i? I looked at the side of his face that i could see and once again noticed the scar. Had Brendon really done that to him?
"Where did you get that mark on your face?" i asked him. He immediatley shot his hand up to cover it,
"I'm not supposed to talk about that..." he stated simply. That said it all really didn't it? Brendon must've done it!
"It was Brendon wasn't it?" i said calmly, hoping not to upset him. He winced a little when i said Brendon's name.
"I'm really not supposed to talk about it.." he repeated,
"Tell me what happened.." i whispered, moving in closer to him. "I won't tell Brendon!"
"Don't sit so close!" he cried, edging himself away from me. I looked at him, feeling obviously offended. "I-i didn't mean it like that.." he sighed, "It's just... he doesn't like it."
"Brendon?" i asked,
Riley paused for a second, he looked to be pondering. "He doen't like it." he repeated.
What had Brendon done to him? The Riley i first met was confident. I'll admit he was a little arrogant and cocky at times, but he was still kind and made me feel welcome. Now he was curled up not talking to anybody. Had Brendon really done this to him? Had he struck fear into his heart so much that he's scared to be around me. Why the hell did i like him! He's a horrible person. Letting himself become a green eyed monster, jealousy controlling his every movement. "I can see i'm making you uncomfortable..." i said, "I'll go now." Riley nodded and i lifted myself up off the floor and began to walk away.
"Sorry," i heard Riley's muffled voice murmer in the background. "I'm so sorry."

Jo sat on her bed, legs crossed and her hands lay carelessly between her legs. She twiddled her tuumbs when she had the energy, when she could be bothered. She couldn't be bothered to do anything latley. She didn't feel like it. She would just sit on her bed and think. She thought a lot about love, her thoughts revolved around it. She thought of Brendon, the way he'd saved her. The way that he looked deep into her eyes and told her, 'everything's going ot be okay, i promise' ... and it was. Someimes she'd sit and remember the night when she'd stumbled into the world she was now stuck in forever.
The streetlights shone orange rays down onto the concrete as she stumbled along the winding road away from her house. She was cold, but she didn't care, she was always cold. Being cold was just one of the things she was used to because of her father. She didn't like to spend time in the house with him. He'd hit her and her sister, he'd beat them for speaking when not spoken to, he'd punch them square in the face for getting crumbs on the carpet, but that's not why she'd come out tonight. Jo shakily sat down on a small, wooden bench at the side of the road, she wiped a make-up stained tear from under her eye, her hand shaking violently as she did so. She sobbed as quietly as she possibly could, muffling her cries with the sleve of her coat. 'He didn't!' she told herself over and over in her head. 'He couldn't!' Images painted themselves into her mind, she smashed her fist into the sides of her head, feircley trying the get rid of them. She imagined her sister, her beautiful blue eyes stained with tears, her perfect white skin splattered with blood. Her cold, broken body laying twitching on the floor. The last thing she'd seen before leaving her house was her sister mouthing 'help me jo'. She wanted to help, but she had to get out of the house quickly or she'd suffer the same pain as her sister. Images flashed into her head again of her sisters leg snapped abruptly in half, she couldn't stop hearing her peircing, agonising scream replaying itself in her mind again. She didn't desrve a punishment like that, merely for stealing a tenner to go to the cinema with her boyfriend. A normal dad would just ground her to her room or cut her allowance, but he hurt her. Jo sobbed more at the thought of her sister crying for her on the floor.
'I need to help her' she thought, 'i will help her!' Jo rose herself up shakily and fumbled around in her pocket for her phone. She dialed 999, her eyes bluring up with tears. as soon as she heard them answer, she yelleed them the whole story, leaving her address so they could find her sister. 'Please save her...' were the last words she murmered to them. That was it, she knew she'd done all she could to help, but what would she do now? She couldn't go back home, her dad would kill her. It wasn't safe. She sat back down on the bench, hugging her knees as she rose them up to her chest. She lay down on the rough wood and sobbed herself to sleep. She was so vulnerable, so scared.
When she awoke, she was in a strange town. She didn't understand what was happening. The streets were cobbled and the people walking around looked posh and old fashioned. She spotted a woman wearing a beautiful, vintage peach coloured dress. She looked nice enough, nice enough to ask where the hell she was! She began to stumble over to the woman, then suddenly a firm hand shoved her back against a wall. Another hand slammed over her mouth to stop any sounds from escaping. She tried to scream, bite, kick, but the person pulled her down a back alleyway, keeping his hand locked firmly over her mouth. He pinned her against the wall, his huge chocolate eyes stating straight into hers. "Don't be afraid," he whispered, of course Jo was afraid, she was terrified! Her head spun from the pure terror dwelling inside her. "Everything's going to be okay, i promise" the man repeated. That was how she met Brendon.

He brought her underground, explained to her the full story. He saved her, he was her hero. He showed her to the house room and introduced her to Mimi, they got along nicely, but she usually prefered to be meditating in her own room, so Brendon and Jo were left alone. He reasured her every day that everything would be fine, he told her she was pretty and deserved to live. He took care of her and made her feel special and i guess that was the only love she had ever known. Brendon was the only person that had ever shown her any sign of affection, and she fell for him easily.
Then one day, Jo was sat by the fire waiting for Brendon, and he came in with somebody new. A beautiful girl with dark skin and striking blonde hair. She was tall and slender, her face was angelic. Brendon smiled at her caringly as Jo's heart plummetted. "This is Tatiana" Brendon told her, "She'll be living wih us now". And from then on Brendon began binging more and more people down and Jo saw less and less of him. Her raging jealousy caused her to distance herself from every new person Brendon brought back. Nobody showed her any atention or affection. She brought it on herself by acting so off with evetybody. And that left her where she was now, curled up on her bed daydreaming about the only bit of affection she'd ever recived, and the handsome, powerful man who'd given it to her.
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