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A binding agreement

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I stayed in the garden for a while, staring out into the magnificent paridise Brendon had created for me. My head still spun with comfusion. Brendon kidnapped me, for all i know he could be a complete madman! But somehow, my feelings for him were growing stronger and stronger and i was no longer scared of him at all. I was about to leave when i noticed a dark sillhouette standing in the doorway. "W-who's there?" i called, the figure began to move into the mootlight and i sighed in rtelief as i noticed it was Mimi.
"Enjoying yourself?" she grinned as the silvery moonlight shimmered in her striking green eyes. I giggled and nodded as she came to join me on the patio. We both stared up into the perfect night's sky as images of Brendon ran through my mind, i tried to distract myself.
"So, are you okay?" i asked Mimi,
"Of course," she smiled, "I'm always okay." I grinned, her positivity seemed to reflect straight out of her body and into me.
"Are you?" she asked,
I hesitated slightly and she sensed my awkwardness, "Umm... yeah..." i replied sheepishly,
"What's wrong?" she asked, placing her warm hand on my shoulder as if to entise my feelings out.
"It's... it's Brendon.." i began, "I feel, differently towards him now.."
Without warning a huge smile plastered accross Mimi's face as she giggled enthusiastically. I glared at her, even more confused than i was before. "I knew it!" she grinned.
"Knew what!?" i almost shouted,
"You kissed didn't you," she smirked,
"...Well..." i began, Mimi interupted by grasping me into a tight hug, still giggling in glee.
"I knew it!" she repeated,
"How?" i asked her, how did she seem to know everything?
"Ryan, i know pretty much everything." she smiled, "The past, the present, even small glimpses into the future. I saw you coming you know, i told Brendon. You see Ry... i'm sort of psychic.."
"That explains it," i smiled, "Does this mean i can ask you questions?"
"Go for it." she said, raising one eyebrow as if she were bracing herself for whatever i was about to hit her with.
"So Brendon creates these places for me right?" I asked, Mimi nodded. "How?". Mimi straightened herself up and turned to face me.
"You see, Brendon has been hiding down here with me for years." Mimi began, her silky, dark locks of hair blowing slightly in a gentle breeze that somehow appeared. "And when we realised we would probably be stuck down here for the rest of our lives, we decided we needed to make this place as addiquate as possible." I sat myself down comfortably on the floor as Mimi joined me, i prepared myself for a long story.
"When we first lived here, this whole place was one dark, cold, grey room. We knew it needed to change. I also can do a bit of black magic, i could start a few fires or give us a bit of water, but it was nowhere near enough. Then i found... this one spell.."
"What spell?" i blurted out as i grew more and more curious,
"Well, it was risky. But the spell would bind one of us to the room. Whatever we wanted could be created with our imagination. If we imagined food, it would appear. If we imagined a fountain, it would appear, but this could only happen to one of us. Brendon voulnteered himself, he created this whole building. Once he aquired the others he had to start creating more room for them too, hence the huge house room. But it's so difficult to create from pure imagination. It doesn't work from memory. You have to create every single little detail in the room, so think how much effort he put into creating these places for you."
"So that's why there are no walls in the house room?" i asked,
"Precisley., it's very hard for a beginner to get used to when Brendon can do." she told me.
"So Brendon kind of is these places, he's connected to them?" i asked,
"Yes, and these places are Brendon." she smiled, "The only catch is, he can never leave."
"But, he doesn't need to anyway, right?" i questioned, a feeling of panic forming in the pit of my stomach,
"Of course not. The only other place he can go is up above us where the dangers lie and he wouldn't want to go there would he." Mimi giggled, i shook my head.
"Anyway we'd better get back to the others," Mimi gestured, i stoof myself up and held out my hand to help Mimi up. She smiled and thanke me gracefuly as we both left silently, leaving the magnificent garden behind.
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