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When the moon found the sun.

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I let Brendon lead me hand in hand and he seemed very pleased about it as a huge smile was plastered accross his face the whole time that he lead me. We walked along the familiar corridor to another door. I was curious to see what hid behind this door, and i didn't have to wait long. Brendon flung the door open, then turned to watch my reaction as i saw where he'd taken me. Once again, my face lit up in wonder as i gazed upon the most beautiful garden i'd ever seen.
The sky was a dark blue with a few violet clouds, and in it shone the biggest, brightest moon i'd ever seen. The moon's perfect, white refletction shone down onto a huge pond. In fact it was almost like a lake. Small, white flowers lay like snow droplets at the sides of a beautiful, pebbled path before us. At the end of the path, there was pretty wooden patio that overlooked the huge pond. On it was an antique looking glass table with two matching chairs at either side. The whole garden was completley moonlit. The white glimmer refletcted off small mirrored dream catchers and wind chimes that hung beautifully over the side of the patio. It was amazing.
"This is..." i began, trying to find the right word to describe it, "Stunning.."
"I'm so glad you like it, brendon smiled with an obvious hint of excitement in his voice, "I made this for you."
"I think it's beautiful." i told him. He squeezed my hand and smiled to himself.
"Come and sit down," he told me, pointing over to the table and chairs on the patio. I waited for him to lead me, "After you.." he said. I let go of his hand and paced down the pathway, admiring the flowers at the side and breathing in the fresh scent. When we were on the patio Brendon pulled out a chair for me to sit on, which a placed myself on willingly. He sat accross from me, gazing at me from accross the table. I was sure i should be feeling awkward right now, and scared, but i didn't... well not much anyway.
Surprisingly, i was the first one to speak. "Brendon, can i ask you a question?" i asked, widening my eyes. Honestly i was kind of trying to look cute.
"Anything." he replied. There were so many things i wanted to know, but there was one thing i wanted to know more than anything.
"You say you saved us right, but what exactly did you save us from, what are we hiding from?" i questioned.
Brendon hesitated, "there are things that will harm you outside this place," he replied seriously, no hint of any sort of emotion on his face.
"What though, what things?" i begged,
"You are a curious one Ryan Ross," he frowned.
"Tell me!" i pleaded,
"Well..." he began, "The people aren't safe... they're not even people. You'd die if you went up there."
"Why can't we leave?" i asked,
"I've already told you, there's simply no way of leaving. There's nowhere else to go." he stated,
"But..." i began
"Ryan!" he interrupted angrily, "Change the subject." I didn't want to make him mad. I hesitated for a while as there was an awkward silence, but our eyes never lost contact as our gazes stayed fixed.
"I met everyone today.." i told him, "They're ... interesting."
"Nobody's giving you trouble are they?" he asked sternly,
"No!" i almost shouted (deciding not to mention Jo) "Everybody's nice."
"Good." Brendon smiled, "Oh and by the way, i think i've managed to silence Riley's incessant flirting."
"W-what do you mean?" i asked, tilting my head to the side, my eyes still fixed on his.
"Doesn't matter." Brendon sighed, sliding his chair back, standing up and walking over to the edge of the patio, staring out into the glistening pond. My mind was suddenly racking with more questions, then i remembered. That cut on Riley's face... Had Brenon done that to him? He wouldn't. He hadn't 'punished' him had he? He couldn't.
I slid out of my own chair and went to stand with Brendon. My heart was beating faster thinking of what Brendon could've done, but there was no point being scared. I was safe, i was always safe with Brendon. "The moon's spectacular," Brendon whispered.
I nodded, "It really is." We stood in silence for a few more minutes untill i decided to look at him again. His huge brown eyes reflected the moonlight so beautifully. Brendon caught me looking at him. "What are you looking at?" he asked, suddenly he seemed so self conscious.
"You." i replied simply.
"o-oh..." he stuttered, tripping up on one word. He seemed shy, for the first time ever he seemed... human. "Why?" he finally asked.
"Because i'm curious..." i told him
"What about?" he questioned.
"You." i stated again. My short simple answers seemed to be confusing him. Brendon was used to the scared Ryan, the Ryan that would cry when he touched him, the Ryan that stuttered with his every word. The Ryan i was acting now seemed to be getting more results. I wanted to know everything, i didn't want to wonder any more. If i was forced to stay here, i needed to know everything.
"Well... w-what about me?" Brendon asked, his expression growing more and more confused every second.
"Everything." i told him truthfully, again my eyes stared longingly into his.
"Where do i start.. i don't have time for everything.. there's so much .. i.." he babbled, it was kind of cute when he babbled.
"Okay," i interrupted, "Let's start with.. why am i getting this sort of special treatment? My own room, this garden... everything!"
"It's complicated..." Brendon murmered back to me.
I turned to face him completley. Any fear i had before had melted into curiosity by now. "I can't help it, i want to know, i need to know, there's nothing special about me..."
Suddenly, i was stopped. Brendon grabbed both my shoulders and kissed me. Our lips only touched for a couple of seconds, but he was warm and soft. He let go of me and looked at the floor shyly, grasping both of his hands behind his back. "I have to go..." he said, and he quickly scurried off along the path and out of the door, slamming it behind him. He left me stood, dazzled and dizzy, in some sort of trance. I grabbed my stomach as i wondered why i had such major butterflies. I couldn't... wait... i couldn't maybe sort of like Brendon could i? No! No i didn't! He kidnapped me! He's scary, he's strange ... he's beautiful. No! No he's not... is he? My mind felt as if it were going to explode.
I guess at least now i knew one thing, the confident Ryan that asked questions got a lot further than the pathetic, scared Ryan. At least i knew that now, i just wish that everything else in my mind didn't seem like a huge hazy mess to me!
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