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A circle of introduction

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When i awoke, the candles had burned out and the room was pitch black. I lay in my new bed for about an hour before i dared to get up, but curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know exactly where i was. I sat up and swung my legs over the sie of the bed, standing myself up shakily. I stumbled cluelessly around the pitch black room until i found the door. 'What if it's locked?' i thought to mymself, I pulled the handle to find that it wasn't.
I stepped out if the door, clising it almost silently behind me. I looked around, i recognised this corridor! I felt excited as i began to feel a lot less scared. I made my way over to the room... well the house... the house room i guess. When i opened the door i saw a group of people sat in a circle next to the fire, their legs all crossed as they talked to eachother. I walked in nervously as the door slammed behind me making evetybody turn their heads to face me. I felt my face flush red as i began to feel scared again. "Come over here," Riley smiled, beckoning me over to the circle of people. I noticed as i walked over that Riley had a painful looking slash on his left cheek, but i didn't mention it. I shyly nodded and sat myself down, cross legged between two girls.
"Since you're going to be living with us, you should get to know us," Riley told me, "You know i'm Riley,"
"Y-yeah," i stammered.
"Don't be so nervous!" the girl next to me giggled, placing her hand on my knee comfortingly. I looked over at her. She was very pretty. She had dark skin, but surprisingly light blonde hair that fell just over her shoulders. "I'm Tatiana," she grinned, holding out her hand for me to shake, i shook it hesitantly. "Let's introduce ourselves then..." she said, glancing at everyone in the circle.
"My name's Annabelle," one girl smiled sweetly at me, se had a light brown eyes and black hair at different lengths. It seemed longer at the back. When i looked at her again, her eyes seemed green. then her hair seemed longer at the front. I kept glancing at her as her appearance continued making subtle changes, it confused me.
"I'm Madeline," another girl said, "Call me Mimi though." I smiled at her, she was stunning. Her dark wavy hair fell slightly over her peircing green eyes. Her lips were pale and as she smiled she flashed dazzling white teeth at me. Somehow just looking at her made me feel sort of... safe. It was weird.
"Well, i'm Caden Rivera." the man at the other side of the circle stated. He showed no emotion from his thin lips, but i could see a mischevious hint in his mocha brown eyes. He had super short black hair porcelin perfect skin. He was a slender build, but you could see he looked strong, kind of muscular. He seemed friendly enough. Caden turned his head to face the girl on my other side. She didn't talk, she didn't even look at me. She just stared, eyes narrowed down at the floor. "Introduce yourself then," Caden spat, slapping her arm softly.
"Jo," she said, there was no good emotion in her face. She looked to be a mixture of angry and upset. She was skinny with a pale complexion. Her short caramel coloured hair covered her left eye. The eye i could see looked to be a soft honey colour, her eyes looked kind, but the rest of her seemed cold and stubborn. I decided not to look at her.
"I sense tension here," Mimi frowned, "We should all go from here, we don't want a circle of negetivity do we?". Everybody shook their heads the slowly made their way off into different rooms. Jo stormed off to the bedroom area straight away, nudging me with her shoulde as she left.
I stood, dazzled at the fact that she seemed to hate me so much. I suddenly felt a warm hand on my shoulder and turned around to see it was Annabelle. Once again her hair seemed different, it was longer this time, plus her eyes were back to brown. "Don't worry about Jo," she smiled, "She's just jealous."
"Why?" i questioned, what did this girl have against me already?
"Well she's always had a soft spot for Brendon you see, and he's never payed her any attention. He just brought her here and kind of left her alone." I nodded,
"But how does that make her hate me?"
"Well she's been here for a few years and her feelings for him have built up over time, but you're new and you're kind of his new favourite right?" she asked, i nodded again. "Don't worry though, she'll get over it, she was jealous of caden too before because he got his own room for a night, she didn't talk to him for a week, but when she realised he was just like the rest of us she loosened up with him, give it time."
"I-i'm scared though..." i winced, feeling totally stupid for admitting this to a stranger. Annabelle pulled a sympathetic face and pulled me into a comforting hug. "You'll be fine," she whispered in my ear. Just as she did, i heard the door swing open again, it was brendon. Me and Annabelle immediatley let go of eachother and she scurried over to the kitchen. He looked different today. He wasn't wearing his top-hat and red coat for a start. His hair looked wind-swept and messy and he was wearing a casual white t-shirt and black pants. Although he looked casual, he still kept his 'powerful' posture and didn't smile at anybody except me. He held out his hand towards me and i paced over and took it into my own. Somehow i didn't feel as scared this time. I knew nothing bad was going to happen, i guess i was beginning to trust Brendon a little more... but only a little.
"Where are we going?" i asked him,
"I'll show you," he grinned, that same devilish smile spread accross his lips whilst his eyes still looked almost angelic. I decided not to question anymore and let him lead me whereever he wanted.
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