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Patience is a Virtue

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Brendon's heart felt heavy as he paced the narrow, shaddowed coridor away from Ryan's room. Was Mimi's predictions correct, was Ryan really something special? Brendon knew he was, he could tell by the first time he looked at him. When his beautiful hazel eyes widened in shock, the way his lips trembled when he spoke. When he thought about it, Ryan was always scared, but that was normal. He would calm down soon.
Brendon stopped at another wooden door at the other end of the hallway. He took a deep breath and opened the door . Sat in the middle of the room, legs crossed and a book in her hands was the one person in the world that he trusted. Madeline Rose Sweetwater. She looked up at Brendon, her green eyes shining as she smiled sweetly at him. "Hello, Mimi," Brendon smiled back at her.
"Something's troubling you," Mimi stated, "Sit." Brendon placed himself infront of her on the floor, swinging his legs round into a crossed position to mirror her. It was strange, but Mimi was the only person that Brendon could truly act like himself around. When he was with Mimi he didn't always have to have such a hard exterior and he didn't have to be incharge. He had no secrets to hide and she knew everything about him. "Go on Brendon, tell me what's bothering you," Mimi encouraged, holding his hand in hers.
"Well, that boy you told me about before," he began, "the special one"
"Ryan Ross?" she interrupted.
"Yes, well i brought him here like you told me to." He told her, "But he seems very... hesitant, he doesn't seem to like me, he's scared of me." Mimi grinned and shook her head playfully, her wavy black hair falling carelessly around her pale face.
"He will be," she smiled, "For a while. You took him, he doesn't know what you've saved him from, he doesn't know that you're meant to be together yet."
"Are you sure we are?" Brendon asked her, a curious look on his face,
"I'm never wrong." she said, a hint of stubbornness in her tone. "What do you think of him?"
"Well, when i see him, i get butterflies and my heartbeat speeds up and... well he's so beautiful, but i don't think i love him."
"Brendon, love doesn't just happen." she replied slyly, "Did you really think that it was going to be pure, true love at first sight? No, that doesn't happen. Love takes time and effort, he's just been taken from everything he's ever known and you've just met. Give it time, i promise." Somehow Mimi's words always made Brendon feel a lot better. It felt as though a weight had been lifter off him.
"Close your eyes," Mimi ordered, Brendon immediatley closed his eyes without even thinking about why. He trusted her so much. "Open." he heard a soft voice say, he opened his eyes and a blue and gold pack of tarrot cards were lay out infront of him. Mimi picked up the deck and held them out to Brendon, "Pick one," she told him. Brendon felt along the cards untill he felt one that he wanted to pick, it was sticking out slightly more then the others. Brendon looked curiously at his card and a huge smile spread accross his face. He handed the card to Mimi. "Patience," she read aloud, "Told you."
"Thankyou Mimi," Brendon giggled, "I'm going to have to go now though, i need to talk to Riley."
"Okay, i'll be going to see Jo soon anyway, then to bed." Brendon smiled and wrapped his arms joyfully around Mimi and squeezed her tightly, amking her squeal and laugh. Then he lifted himself off the ground and turned towards the door.
"Bren," Mimi calledafter him, he turned around to face her again,"Let Ryan spend some time with the others tomorrow, it'll help."
"Okay." Brendon agreed, he smiled at her one last time and walked out of the door, closing the door softly after him. 'Mimi's always right,' he thought to himself, 'she'll make everything okay.'
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