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Beauty outshines Sanity

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Suddenly, i heard a loud slam as the door flung open and hit the wall. Brendon stood in the doorway, glaring at me and Riley both half naked in the fountain with an angry look painted across his face. Riley immediatley stood up, placing his hands behind his back. "I-I'll be going to b-bed now," he stammered. It was as if he was scared of Brendon. Riley scurried off towards the corner of the room where the beds were and began to undress, i turned away quickly.
As i turned back, i jumped as Brendon was now leaning against the side of the founatin where i still sat, scared and confused. He gazed at me with his huge chocolate eyes and placed his hand on my shoulder. I shuddered as i felt his cold touch,i wanted to move away from him, but thought it would be best if i didn't. "Ryan, you're all wet now silly," he sighed,
"Sorry, i..." i began, "Riley told me to come in here, i thought i was supposed to."
"I see, well i shall be having a word with Riley tomorrow then," he said, glaring over towards the small single bed where he now lay silently. Brendon outstretched a hand to me, which i grabbed hesitantly as he pulled me out of the water. I stood in just my drenched boxers, water dripping down from my hair into my eyes. I suddenly felt really cold so i wrapped my arms around myself. Brendon noticed,
"We'd better get you to bed, we can't have you freezing in here, what a waste!" He took off his red coat and wrapped it around my half naked body. I shivered uncontrollably, partly from the cold, but mostly from fear. What was this man gonig to do to me? He was taking me into his own private room, and honestly he seems very keen on me. Why me? Why was i so special in his eyes? "Now Ryan, i want you to close your eyes." he whispered sortly in my ear, the feel of his warm breath on the side of my neck making my hairs stand up on end.
"What! Why?" i cried, my eyes stinging with tears. Pathetic tears from fear and confusion. I truly was pathetic, my dad always told me so, i guess he was right. Honestly though, right now i'd rather be at home with my dick head of a dad then here with these terrifying, mentally challenged people.
"Shhh.." Brendon breathed, placing his finger to my lips. "Trust me, I've already told you you're too beautiful to harm." I guess i had no choice, i closed my eyes tightly, not daring to open them and i let Brendon lead me. I felt paranoid, he could be taking me anywhere, but i didn't dare to open my eyes to the horror that could be surrounding me right now. It seemed like forever untill a warm breeze finally hit my body, making my skin tingle. "Okay, open your eyes now.." he encouraged. I slowly fluttered my eyelids open, amazed at the sight i saw before me.

I was standing in another room, a smaller one. Of course still this room wasn't small at all, it was about the size of a public swimming pool, but it was very different to the last room. It seemed like a bedroom, it had a huge, metalic framed king-sized bed in the middle of the room, but the more interesting sight was what surrounded it. In neat, ordered rows were thousands of red, scented candles. They covered every corner of the room, giving off a red glow and a sweet scent. They left us a narrow pathway up to the bed though, which was sprinkled with white rose petals. White rosees were my favourite flowers, how did he know?!
At this moment i was feeling so scared i was almost sick. I knew where this was going, the man was clearly insane, it was just the two of us alone in a room filled with romantic candles and rose petals and a huge bed. No, i couldn't, i wouldn't! "Do you like it, Ryan?" He asked, his face beaming with excitement, "Isn't it beautiful?"
"W-what is this!?" i almost yelled, immediatley slapping my hand over my mouth. Oh shit, the last thing i wanted was to make him angry.
"It's a place for you to sleep, i made it for you..." he told me, his expression dropping to dissappointment. "I thought you'd like it, red is your favourite colour, so i gave you red candles. White roses are your favourite flowers, so i put the petals on your bed. I know you like to eat cherrys in class at college under the desk, so the room is cherry scented." Brendon hung his head, "I- i'm sorry i thought you'd like it."
"No! No it's perfect," i cried, "But how the hell do you know all these things about me? What are you a stalker or something!?"
"No," he replied softly,
"Well then who are you!?" i yelled, stepping backwards onto a candle, the flame brned my foot and a yelped in pain.
"I'm Brendon." he said, "I'm protecting you."
"From what?" i said, my voice wavering as a tear finally broke free and rolled down my face.
"Don't cry, please, don't cry" Brendon begged, i couldn't help it though. I was so terrified that i was actually beginning to miss home. "Just go to sleep Ryan, you'll feel better in the morning i promise."
"I don't want to get in that bed with you!" i sobbed, giving up on the war i was having with my tears and leting them all free.
"I know you don't, this bed is for you. I have no intention of sleeping in it." He smirked, "Did you think i was going to try and rape you or something?"
"I just though..." i sniffled,
"Ryan." he interruped, pacing over to me and standing over me. He lifted my chin up into his hands as tears continued to roll down the sides of my face. "I'm only here to protect you, i promise. It's not your fault you're here, but it's not mine either. Mimi told me you were coming, if i hadn't taken you then you would've been killed."
"C-can't you send me home?" i pleaded, grabbing the side of his arm,
"Ryan it almost brings me to tears to hear you say that becasue well... you can't go home, ever." Brendon stared at my tear-stained face, i let out another loud sob. "I'm so sorry, but there's no way out, you'll be killed. I can't let that happen. You may not see it now ryan, but you will, i promise you will."
Brendon slowly moved his face closer towards mine untill our foreheads were touching. I couldn't move, i didn't dare to move. I just squeezed my eyes shut tightly, forcing out more tears as a shivered, my stomach turning as if i were going to throw up. Brendon edged closer to me so our noses were slightly touching, but he sensed my hesitation and backed awaym letting go of me completley and stepping back untill he was about a metre away from me. He grasped his hands together infront of him and bit his lip shyly. "I'm sorry," he breathed, "But you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen."
I breathed heavily, stepping back in shock untill i couldn't move back any further without standing on a candle.
"I'll let you go to sleep, pleasant dreams." Brendon smiled, walking over to me and placing his soft lips onto my forehead, then turning to walk away, leaving me in awe. I watched as he closed the door swiftly behind him, leaving me alone. I scanned the room, and even with the huge comfy bed, the relaxing light and the wonderfull smell, i was sure i wasn't going to sleep tonight.
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