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A distant planet in a mirrored galaxy

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No escape? "Y-you mean, i'm trapped here forever?" i asked the man.
"Ha!" he smirked, "You're lucky to be here."
The man was sat up straight in the fountain, he was shirtless. He seemed thin, but not skinny. His faint muscles were slightly defined. He had short, but fluffy blonde hair with patches of chestnut brown. Also he was as angel faced as Brendon was, but he didn't seem as welcoming.
"Come here." he ordered me, i immediatley wandered over to the tall, silver fountain. The man stared at me, "Yes Brendon was right, you are quite beautiful ...My name is Riley."
"My name is .." i began, but then i realised that he'd just said my name before. "How do you know my name?" i asked.
"We all know your name idiot," Riley sneered.
"All? You mean there's more people here?" i asked my voice highering with excitement.
"Yes, of course," he grinned, "There's eight of us, nine including you."
My mind bubbled with questions, who's here? Why was i kidnapped? When can i leave? But i went with, "Why are you all here?".
Riley sighed,
"I understand that you'll have a lot of questions, so let me explain the whole story fully okay?". I nodded. "Go into the bathroom, strip down to your boxers and come into the hot tub." he ordered.
"What?!" i asked, startled.
"You heard me," he replied bluntly, "Just do it or i won't tell you the story." I did as i was told, considering the fountain was a hot tub. Nice touch...
I made my way over to the bathroom. Well, i couldn't really call it a bathroom. It had a toilet, a sink, a shower and even a tiled floor; but where were the walls? I glanced over at Riley, he wasn't watching me, so i quickly undressed untill i was standing in just my black boxer shorts. I felt awkward as hell as i walked over to Riley. My whole body started to tingle with fear, what was he actually going to do to me in here? But i didn't want to do anything wrong here, i didn't want to be punished.
Riley smiled over at me. "Brendon's lucky." he stated. I wasn't quite sure what he meant by this, but he beckoned me over into the water and i agreed, lowering myself into the steaming, warm water. It felt relaxing, but at he same time i felt so frightened. I wanted to run at the walls, trying to find a way out of this place kicking and screaming, but i held myself back, knowing it would do me no good.
"Riley, can you tell me t-the story?" i asked, "Please," i added politley. He grinned at me, edging his way closer to me.
"I'm sorry," he sighed, moving himself back over to his original place. "I'd better not get too close, Brendon would kill me."
"What do you mean?" i questioned, Riley shook his head,
"Never mind Ryan, anyway let me tell you the story, since you're going to stay i think you deserve to know.
Riley's words rang in my ears, burned a hole into my heart, shot fear into my veins. 'Since you're going to stay'. I really was trapped here wasn't I? Oh my god, would i die here!? I didn't have time to be having these thoughts now though, they could haunt me at night whilst i tried with all my effort to sleep in this strange place.
"So, as you probably already know, we all live here," Riley began. "There's me, Mimi, Tatiana, Caden, Jo and Annabelle... and Brendon of course. He's the one who brought us all here, who saved us."
"Saved us from what?" i asked,
"I was getting to that part!" Riley snapped, flicking a small strand of chestnut hair out of his eye. "Well, each one of us wandered into the town above us."
"The one with all the cobbled streets?" i asked,
"Yes, the town above us. We're underground you see. He found Mmim first, she can see the future, or so Brendon says, she's never proved it to us. Well anyway something happened there a long time ago, something terrible." he sighed, shaking his head again. I nodded. "Well one day, all the men in the town dissappeared, and these woman appeared, as if out of nowhere. The all wore vintage dresses and carried posh canes and just... weren't the same. Tatiana thinks they killed the men off, i'm not too sure really. All i know is that they're bad, Brendon knows everything, but he won't tell us."
"So why are we down here?" i asked
"Well we're hiding. Everyone down here is different to the people above us, it's not safe up here. Brendon gives us food, shelter, friends... a home."
"Where do you get this food?"
"Well we steal it of course, but i'll address that isue with you later."
"Can't we just leave the town?" i questioned, raising an eyebrow to him, Riley laughed, throwing his head back in entertainment.
"Oh Ryan!" he giggled, "You have no idea where you are do you? We're not even on the same planet as we used to be..."
"What do you mean!" i asked, startled,
"Nobody knows how we all got here, but there's no going back. We're not in America anymore, We're not even on earth."
My heart sank as i heard his words echo through my brain. It couldn't be true. I would get out of here.
"I'm feeling dizzy..." i mumbled,
"No wonder," Riley smirked, "It's late, you'd better get to bed."
"Which is mine?" i asked, peering over at the lined up single beds in the far corner.
"Oh, no no.." Riley stopped me. "You'll be sleeping in Brendons room."
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