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It's a house, isn't it?

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Brendon, still gripping my hand, lead me through a narrow door. He turned to watch my reaction as I entered. My eyes widened in amazement. I stood in the corner of a huge, colourful room. The walls were a bright yellow and covered in vintage, pastel paintings of flower vases and waterfalls. The room was huge, about the size of a football pitch. In the very middle there was a huge fountain, it was steaming. Then i noticed a man in the water, a man! Another person! So maybe Brendon had kidnapped another person too, or maybe this other man was as strange as Brendon was. I gazed around the room some more, there was seven, neatly made single beds in one corner and a small, white toilet in the other. In the same corner as the toilet there was a glass shower with no curtain. There was full kitchen area placed strangley between both areas. It seemed like a full house, just without any walls whatsoever.
I turned to face Brendon, who was still grasping my hand tightly. "Do you like it?" he beamed at me.
"I-i, what is this?" i asked him, again trying to pull my hand away from him, but failing. Brendons smile dropped into a dissappointed frown.
"You'll like it in time..." he told me. I hesitated, glaring in awe around the huge room once more. There was a grassy area with flowers and bushes, i guessed that was the graden. There was also an open, coal fire with a detailed, fancy fireplace surrounding it's warmth.
"Ryan, i have to leave you.." Brendon stated, i whipped around, gripping his hand tightly.
"NO!" i begged him, "Please don't leave me ...". It was strange, i was unbelieveably terrified of Brendon, yet at least i knew he wasn't going to hurt me. I guess i felt more safe here with him. He couldn't leave me in a room with this other strange man, he could be even worse!
"Ryan, i'll be back," he sighed, taking both of my hands into his and staring straight into my eyes innocently, "I promise." I swear i only blinked and he was gone. I rubbed my eyes in astonishment, glancing around the strange room, trying to find him. Tears began to well up in my eyes, i was truly alone here wasn't i!? I ran over to the door we'd come through, tugging at the handle, trying to get out.
I suddenly heard, "There's no use trying to escape.." i turned around to see the man in the fountain staring at me. "There's no escape, Ryan."
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