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Too Scared To Dissagree

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My eyes flickered open slowly and i realised i was in a small, box shaped room. It was dimly lit and smelled of stale food. My nose wrinkled up as i took in the smell and my eyes started to adjust. The room was plain gray and made entirely of cold, rough concrete. I was leant up against a wall. I groaned as i adjusted my position, pain tingled in the back of my head. Suddenly i heard a scraping noise as part of the wall opened up. 'A secret door?' i thought. My mind was soon taken away from the door as i saw who was walking through it.
It was the man i saw before, he was the one who'd taken me here. I tensed up and backed as far against the wall as i could get. I shook as he walked over to me, his shiny black boots pounding on the floor, his footsteps echoed around the room. I felt my palms beginning to sweat. He was wearing a long red coat and a black top hat. He looked tall and intimidating, his eyebrows constantly pricked up giving him a develish look that scared the hell out of me. He crouched down infront on me again, his eyes peircing into me. I gulped, almost unable to breath.
"You look scared, Ryan." he frowed at me,
"H-how do you know m-my name?" i stuttered as my mind tried to figure out how he could possibly know.
"You shouldn't be scared, Ryan." he smiled at me, giving me that angelic look he gave me before and completley ignoring my question. "Besides," he added "how could i possibly harm something so beautiful?". I gasped slightly as he stroked the side of my face. I finally managed to speak in a shaky, frightened voice,
"Where am i?"
"Don't worry, you'll hopefully never have to be in here again." he told me.
"That didn't answer my question..." i blurted out, edging along the wall away from his gaze.
"This is a bad room.." he interrupted, "This is the room you go to if you misbehave, you won't like this room, not one bit. If you ever do a bad thing we'll punish you Ryan Ross."
What did he mean by 'a bad thing'? My heart was beating so fast now that it was unbelieveable that i wasn't having a fit. I gazed, terrified at the angel faced man infront of me. He brought his hand unto the top of his hat and took it off, stroking it gently with his fingers. He brought the hat towards me as i tried to back away, but he grabbed my hand in his icy rip and placed it on top of my head. He grinned devilishly and lowered his hand to stroke my chest tenderly. I screwed up my face and tried to hold back the tears that were welling up in my eyes. Who was this man!? Why the hell was he touching me all the time?
The man took the hat off my head and placed it back onto his own. "Yes, it suits you," he told me. He glanced back towards the door, then back at me. "Come with me Ryan," he told me, standing up and extending an arm to help me up. I took his hand and stood up, trying to wriggle my hand out of his grasp, but he wouldn't let go. I didn't fight his attempt to hold my hand. I was terrified to anger him incase he 'punished' me. I just let him lead me out of the door, which sealed itself shut behind me. He didn't even touch it.
"By the way," the man told me as he walked me down a narrow corridor, "I'm Brendon."
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