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Unconscious Bliss

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The first night was ... well it could only be described as interesting. I wasn't sure where to go once it got dark and i didn't dare to speak to anyone. The people i saw walking around me were not like people i'd ever seen before. The women had their hair pulled back into tight buns and wore long, expensive looking dresses. They carried antique umbrellas and wore feathers and flowers in their hair. I wandered around the cobbled streets trying to find a street sign to give me some idea of where i was. As i walked around more i began to realise that i saw no men around, i seemed to be the only male in sight.
I gazed at the semi-detatched shops, the small hand-painted antiques in the windows and the red wavy ribbons on the doors. The whole town seemed like something from the olden days, a harlequin metropolis. I paced the streets for hours trying to find any sign of a place i could sleep or some sign of where i was. I tunneled my hands deep into my pockets and shuffled past a group of women wearing pastel coloured dresses and vintage looking heels. They stared at me, glancing at eachother and whispering as i walked past. In fact, this wasn't the first time i'd had this reaction. Every woman i walked past glared at me and sped up as if to try and get away from me. They looked purely disgusted to see me.
After hours of aimlessly wandering, i decided to settle down for the night. I'd move on in the morning. I found a small back alley-way that i could rest my head in for the night. I noticed a large, wooden barrel. I could lean against that right? It would be comfortable enough wouldn't it? I had no choice in the matter anyway. I settled myself down, my back cockedup un-comfortably against the side of the barrel. I sighed, closing my eyes as exhaustion took over me, i let myself drop into a soft sleep as images of my family back home filled my head... not nice images.

I awoke drowsily, the taste of stale air on my tounge. My eyes flickered, half opening. I saw a silhouette infront of me and my body tensed up. Who was it? As my eyes started to focus i realised it was a man, the first man i'd seen since arriving here. He was crouched infront of me, his wide brown eyes staring at me. His dark hair wisped gently accross his face and spiked up playfully on top of his head. He saw that i was awake. I opened my mouth to say something, but he placed a pale finger delicatley on my lips, causing them to close again. He moved his face closer untill it was only inches from my own. My heart pounded in my chest, i was scared. What did he want with me?
"You're a man." he stated simply. His voice soft and mysterious, giving away no hints to his emotion. I nodded shyly, of course i'm a man, what's he talking about?
"You're... beautiful." he added, his eyebrows raising to add to the angelic look upon his face. I stared at the man, stunned.
"W-what do you want with me?" i managed to stutter through his finger. He frowned at me.
"You shouldn't be here." he told me,
"Where should i be then?" i asked him, my whole body shaking with nerves. I began to feel dizzy. My head spun crazily as a began to drop out of consciousness.
"I'll show you," the man grinned as he watched me slide down the side of the barrel and drift softly into un-consciousness.
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