Review for Nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts

(#) andreajp 2011-07-26

First things first, great chapter like always! I loved this world you take me to. It's kind of like Fable 3 and I was in Bowerstone Market looking at the guns along with Frankie (yes I'm that big of a nerd, point being?^_^) even though there wasn't any smut, it was still down right romantic almost how Gerard showed Frank his secret. Proves my point that you aren't just an amazing smut writer, your just plain amazing writer in general! I can't wait until the next one.

Now about the updating thing, girl I have an older brother and my ass doesn't read any fic unless I'm on my phone, I mean shit reading one can get you teased hardcore, but him catching me writing face is as pale as a ghost at the thought, so I understand you completely.

My thoughts are with your Aunt and family, spend time with them, take all the time you need, I will be here waiting...that sounded stalkerish, but I mean it.

Author's response

Ah I effing love Fable! xD Fable 3 is definitely the best of the games, and I did have bowerstone markets clock tower in mind when I wrote this xD Ahh yay for fable nerds :') I'm glad you guys are all okay with the lack of smut, I felt like I was cheating you out of a full chapter without out xD
If my brothers knew what I wrote they'd probably disown me xD Saying that though I'm thinking the only way I'm ever gonna get rich is through erotic fiction... ;D
And thank you stalker :) I kiiidd, but seriously thank you, I'm hoping it wont take me too long to update again but knowing me it'll be forever xD