Review for Summertime.


(#) cup-full-of-blood 2011-07-27

yeah i spaz all the time XD i call them spack attacks hahaha dugenegfniowegveirewbiu doing a spazm :D i love this chap soo much funny and very cute, i cannot wait for more, its so fun to read yoy are really good at writing :)
and piffle awww
“Awww, is Frankie-bear going to come out of the closet for Gee-bee?” i think frankie has already came out the closet a long time ago for gee XD haha

Author's response

Gah, i love you. You always review ^_^

I know i just wanted to get a gay joke in there, cos, c'mon he's in a closet. How could i not?