Review for Auditioners Unite! I Need Auditions!

Auditioners Unite! I Need Auditions!

(#) ZombieSlayer13x 2011-08-16

Lol sweetness! I don't have to be with a guy from FOB, I just really want a bf. Here's one of my guy OC's you can use if ya want!

Name: Gabe Spear

Age: Whatever fits

Looks: 5'8, skinny, pale, green eyes, snake bites, messy, short, dyed neon orange hair, freckles.

Wears: skinny jeans, gloves, black hoodies/trenchcoats, combat boots, studded belts, and colorful ts.

Personality: Shy, rarely talks, loner, writes poetry, dark humor, moody, he has a thing for using proper grammar when he DOES ever speak. People think he's gay because he never has/had any girlfriends. He is not infact gay. He gets picked on a lot for the way he dresses and acts. He has a habit of spray painting public property.

Live of die: Doesn't matter.

Vampire of human: Doesn't matter.

Relationship: Doesn't matter. Maybe my other character IF you use me.