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Update On the Selection Process

by shehadtheworld222 8 reviews

Just a little update for those auditioning.

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I'm loving how many people are auditioning. Its great. But for those of you who already have, you all put your last names, which makes it hard for me to differenciate who wants what part.

If you wanna be a girlfriend, lemme know who you wanna be with. Don't be shy... I want to hear your preferences! Pete's unavailable though.

Most of the humans will die. And they won't come in until later.

BUT ohhai I am pleased to say that you will be in the next chapter as a vampire who is after Josie... the one that left her for dead in the first chapter. :D

So... yeah. Also, if you know any guys who could audition, FORCE THEM TO AUDITION. Just kidding... but I really need some hot male vampires if you catch my drift. ;)

Oke doke. Well... the next chapter will be up by tonight. RATE AND REVIEW PLEASE!
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