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Auditioners Unite! I Need Auditions!

by shehadtheworld222 11 reviews

I need people to audition for my story (first chapter already posted), You Can't Blame Me For Hating this. A sixteen candles fanfic.

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Disclaimer: My story invovles vampires that don't sparkle, intense sexual situations, and blood drinking violence. You don't like? Leave. :)

I need people as various parts. And I need a lot of people. Some vampires, some humans...for various reasons. I need a potential gf for Pat, Joe, and Andy, bad vampires, and humans that are used for blood and or killed.

Keep your bios short. I don't like having to go back and reference my auditions to write for each and ever character. Especially if you are just a human blood whore or victim OR a vicious vampire attacker. If you're audtioning to be a potential girlfriend, feel free to add A LITTLE extra information.

One more thing, please read the first chapter of You Can't Blame Me For Hating This before or directly after you audition.

I will be needing:

Your name (first only, last for girlfriends only)

Your age (subject to change)

Looks (Be simple. "I have 5 tatoos on my left arm and one on my right as well as two peircins. One on my eyebrow and one on my nose..." is too specific. Don't do that.)

Personality (really only the girlfriends need this. But if you wanna put a line of personalit, knock ourself out.)

Vampire or Human (if you have a huge preference, list it... but I mean... you will be used accordingly because in a lot of cases, everyone picks vampire.)

Live or Die (although in most cases, you will all be killed off one way or another..)

Thanks! Happy auditioning to you all, and happy reading. :)

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