Review for Auditioners Unite! I Need Auditions!

Auditioners Unite! I Need Auditions!

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-08-16

My little brother wanted to audition so I'm auditioning for him.

Name-Derek Price

Age-15 but you can change to what ever you need.

Looks-Dark brown spikey hair that has an eletric blue color at the end of each spike. Dark brown eyes that change color (Blue, green, hazel, golden brown) Pale skin, 5'4 and is really skinny. Has an innocent face.

Personality-Very evil, annoying, sometimes nice, smart but doesn't look it, very hyper when he drinks any kind of soda, gets made fun of alot.

Vampire or Human-Doesn't matter.
Die or not die-Doesn't matter.