Review for My Kill Joy Fic.

My Kill Joy Fic.

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-08-29

Can I please be in your story? I love it. Killjoy name-Colorful Shadow. Nickname is Shadow. Real name-Jasmine Price. Age-21 but change it if you need to. Looks-long straight dark brown hair with multi colored streaks, dark brown eyes that change color (blue, green, grey, golden brown) pale skin that tans easily, black nail polish on all the time, 5'4 and real skinny. Costume-a pink floral tanktop, black shorts with fishnet tights, red knee high boots. Black and white striped wrist warmers with a black skull on them, yellow sunglasses to cover her face. A black ray gun with red writing that says 'beware.' Personality-sometimes nice, gets pissed off easily, an awesome fighter, doesn't like to talk about her past, she has some feelings for Party Poison but won't admit it. Back story-ran away from home when BLI took over her house and she didn't save her family and she regrets it. Later she heard that her family was killed by the dumbass Korse. Hope you can use my character in your story. Its awesome. :D