Review for First of the Gang to Die

First of the Gang to Die

(#) Torogirl15 2011-08-31

OH MY GOD THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHER IT MAKES ME WANNA CRY!! Now that I got my little fangirl squee out of the way, I can actually talk intelligently about the chapter. Very nicely done, playin' up the romance! And yes, Americans are good with guns, WMDs and taking people over. Like a boss. And I totally agree with Bitch-Bot, this would be a really good book. Though I think the MCR crew would be kinda weirded out to think of Gee as a gangster. By the way, what's up with all the ghetto slang references that Lornaigh says? I mean, I just reread this story and in the beginning she does a lot of 'what up my niggaz' type references. Not saying you should take it out, cuz it's funny coming from an Irish chick, and not just a regular white person, so I'm not offended. I'm just wondering is she semi-racist against black people, or does she just not know the unspoken rule that no other race is allowed to say the word 'nigger' after slavery and segregation ended. But she's funny as hell, so I'll let it go. Really sweet chapter, BTW.

Yours in Foreverville,

Author's response

I do not think she has ever said the N word in the story or indeed in real life, and she was certainly not racist to anyone. I'm really, really sorry if you got offended but Lornaigh was never hateful toward any different race, and got very angry at people like that since she came from an area where sectarianism and segregation was so rife and common up until this day.

Sorry if I got a little preachy there,I just wanted you to know :)