Review for You know your obsessed when

You know your obsessed when

(#) xXLaylaxX 2011-08-31

Glad I made your day :D Then I shall keep on creeping. A: My zodiac sign is cancer, I was born on June 27 lol and B: My brother gets pissed whenever I metion MCR, I have no clue why but he just does lol. I guess I spring way too many MCR references, like last night me and my family were watching a moive and when 'The End' came up I started singing To the end lol. And then my mom called me psychotic and I told her Im not psychotic, I just like psychotic things hehe.

Wow that was sorta long P:

Author's response

Haha Yay :D ha god I know the feeling my family get pissed too because I talk about MCR so much , I come home and I'm like omg listen to this and shes like if it's about MCR I don't want to know o.O :L haha that's brilliant :L I love that quote :L
Ha ya bug it's all good :D