Review for And I'll End This Direst: a Frerard story

And I'll End This Direst: a Frerard story

(#) Michelle619 2011-09-06

I wanted to say over the last couple of days I have been reading this story, just finished it, I created an account and registered just to tell you how amazing I thought it was! I mean it's nice to see a Frerard story that isn't all about sex for once, but you told it so well that I would have read it whether you used the names Frank and Gerard or not, it was such a fantastic and touching story, I truly cannot put it into words how great I think you are for writing this!

Author's response

You created an account just to review my shitty story? I'm flattered, whoa. Thank you from the bottom of my black little heart so much for saying such kind words :)