Review for Puppet Boy, Your Strings Are Mine

Puppet Boy, Your Strings Are Mine

(#) KobraKid 2011-09-08

Omgw! I so did not expect that ending from you, Myren! It usually involves someone dying and/or suffering but this was soo cute! I seriously couldn't stop smiling the whole time! Damn you for making me happy! :D Anyway, I'll admit it wasn't my favorite of yours, but WOW! I loved it. :). And yea! You're finishing Falling! Woo hoo! :) Soooo sorry I haven't been commenting on your stories lately! I have been reading every update but Ficwad has decided to be stupid and not let me log on. Urg! I think I finally fixed it though! Anyway, I loved it and can't wait for more of your writing! :)