Review for I Do

I Do

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-09-12

I have another idea you can use. Is my character tied up? Because if she isn't, Shadow could sneak up on Korse. Kobra notices her and she tells him to be quiet. Then you can make Kobra act like he's about to give Lady Madness' real name, then when he's about to, BAM! Shadow knocks out Korse with a dracs gun. Korse doesn't die, he is just knocked out. Then Shadow could free the killjoys and when they ask questions she says that she's not a bad girl, just a girl that loves to knock people out. Then maybe can you make Shadow and Ghoul kiss? Oh and what can happen to Lady Madness is that she can wake up, but remember everything. The shot missed her because it could be an act. Its just an idea. You don't have to use it.