Review for My Kill Joy Fic.

My Kill Joy Fic.

(#) Mr-Tibbles 2011-09-12

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Me and my awesome throwing skills. When I say shut up and you don't listen, you get bean crap thrown at you. If my sister says shut up and you don't listen to her, then you get your ass kicked so hard you will do a retarded dance. I have a funny idea. The next morning you see me dancing and my sister laughing hard. Then one of the killjoys ask what happened. Then I say that I wouldn't stop mimicing my sister so she kicked me in the ass so hard that it made me dance. Also I could say that I have to pee real bad. Then everyone could start laughing until a car pulls up and its Korse. He comes up to me and my sister and calls up runaways and we flip him off. He could also talk to all of the killjoys about something. You don't have to use it. Its just an idea.

Author's response

HA i might use it i dunno some ideas (like flipping Korse off) i will try and make happen SOMETIME in there :)