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Chapter 4

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“So, what happened to you guys?” I asked them when we all got sat down at the little fire.

“Well,” Colorful Shadow started and we all listened, “I don’t like to talk about my past. Long story short, I ran away from my family when Bl/ind took over. I was on the streets when I heard that my parents were killed by Korse. After that I was on my own for a bit till I met this goof,” She said pointing to Death Bloom who looked genuinely hurt, “after that WE were on the streets fighting for our lives till I met up with Lighting Strike, my brother whom I thought was dead and yeah. Now we’re here.”

“How about you Lightning,” I asked him.

“Pretty much the same as Shadow, I guess ’cept for I left AFTER Bl/ind killed our parents.”

“Damn,” we all yelled simultaneously . We all looked at each other and laughed and I yelled “Great minds think alike. In this case though, it’s dumb ones!” Every one laughed again.

“Did you guys for get about asking ME what my story was,” Death Bloom asked us annoyed.

“Sorry, What’s your story then?” I said between giggles.

“My parents became mindless freaks, and they tried to put the pills in my food but I caught them and ran away.” She said this like it was nothing.

“Oh,” I said quietly.


We were all going to sleep and of course, I couldn’t sleep, “stupid insomnia,” I whispered loudly. As I sat there in silence I looked over at Bloom, who was mumbling something about a giant mutant pudding cup destroying a city and a unicorn.

“She is so fucked up,” I heard some one say from beside me. I turn and it was Kobra

“You just noticed?”

“No,” he giggles, I mean actually girly giggles. What a nerd, a cute nerd.

“So, why aren’t you sleeping Kobra,” I ask him.

“Why aren’t YOU asleep, Desert?” He asks me.

“I asked you first,” I exclaimed which earned me some grumbled and sleepy ‘fucking, shut up’s!’

“Touché,” he said through muffled giggles.

“So why aren’t you asleep by now?” I ask more quietly this time.

“I don’t really know, I guess I just don’t sleep much and when I do, I don’t sleep for long. What about you?” He asked me as we walked to the car and lay on the hood

“Insomnia,” I reply like we’re talking about the weather.



We just kind of stared at each other for what seemed to be 10 minutes. All of a sudden, BAM, we kissed. It was like the hand thing except, like 20 times more… AWESOME. We just kissed for like 5 minutes only stopping for air, it was amazing.
We finally pulled away and looked at each other.

“Wow,” we said at the same time and busted out laughing, loud.

“If you guys don’t shut up you will regret ever being born!” Lightning yelled at us as a can of mushy boot smelling crap flew at our heads.

“Damn,” we whispered, again simultaneously, he giggled and I snorted. ‘Great first impression Desert, just wonderful’ I thought to my self as I laughed quietly.

“Well I guess we should go to sleep then,” Kobra said as he yawned

“Yeah but hold on,” I whisper- yelled.

I pull him into a heated kiss and ask, “Does this mean were dating now?”

“Only if you want it to mean that.” He replied

“Good, Then how should we tell the guys and…err, girls?” I ask him and he chuckles at me

“We’ll figure it out tomorrow morning then,” He said after he yawned and walked we back to our little beds made of out leather jackets. ‘Tomorrow will be great,’ I thought with a smile as Kobra put his arm around me.


I HOPE YOU LIKED THIS CHAPTER I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY CUTE :) oh and virtual skittles to all who review!!!!

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