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Chapter 3

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uhm we meet 3 new people :)

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We stopped for the night and setup camp by the car. We ate something that might have been beans, I wasn’t sure because it tasted like crap and smelled like old boots. I took one bite and threw up, I took the can to the fire, looked at the label and said “No wonder it taste like crap and smells like boots, Bl/ind made it.” I through it in the fire and went to sit back down, is I walked back I tripped and fell on Kobra Kid, every one laughed except me, “Fuck you guys, and sorry Kobra.” They kept laughing and I flipped them off. I rolled off of Kobra and lay on the dirt beside him and stayed like that for a bit.

Not far off there was a scream. I looked at the guys, “I’m no the only one who heard that right?”

“Nope, we should go check it out.” Party told me

“Good, I thought I was going crazy for a minute there,” I sighed with relief.

They all chuckle, even me. Kobra Kid stood up and held his hand out to help me up, I took it and felt an electric shock run through my body. I’m pretty sure he felt it to because he gasped.

I got up and we left. Another scream rang out in the desert air, this time it was closer.
We heard footsteps and a lot of ‘oh shits’ and ‘Fuck, Run faster!’ Party signalled us to pull out our ray guns and follow him. I was on Party’s left and Kobra was on his right, the other two were behind us.

“We should light a flare.” I whispered

“Uh, why?” Jet Star asked.

“So we can see numb-nuts!” I snapped

“Good idea Desert,” Party whispered through giggles as he lit the flare.

Just then Kobra, Party and I were knocked to the ground and heard three simultaneous “Shit, sorry!”

I looked at the person who tackled me and saw a short girl about 6 foot around her twenties with raven black hair, and tan skin.

“Ow, get the fuck off of me!”

“Oh my God, I am so sorry,” the girl exclaimed as she jumped off me.

“You better be!” I yelled as she looked away.

“I’m Death Bloom by the way.” she said enthusiastically.

“I’m Colorful Shadow,” said the girl who ran into Party Poison. She had long straight long straight dark brown hair with multi colored streaks, pale skin, black nail polish, 5'4 and real skinny.

“And I’m Lighting Strike,” screamed the boy who knocked a dazed Kobra Kid over. He looked around 19. He had spiky dark brown hair with electric blue at the end of each spike, dark brown eyes, pale skin, 5'2 and skinny.

“Wow, you guys don’t even know us and you are already giving us your name, we could be working undercover for, ugh, Bl/ind.” I shuddered.

We finally introduced ourselves, and we asked them to come with us.

“The more the merrier, eh?” Kobra said quietly. I giggled, he was cute when he was shy.


Short chapter guys, next one will probably be longer maybe, possibly, yeah! I wrote this chapter all before school so yeeah :) I will give virtual skittles to all who review :3 he he ! :D

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