Review for First of the Gang to Die

First of the Gang to Die

(#) Torogirl15 2011-09-28

YAAAAAAY!!!! According to Fuckwad, I'm the first reviewer! it also says you uploaded this like 10 minutes ago so... Shows I have no life, but you need mindless pawns to get the message out. Anyway, i totally cried during this, I swear to God. My heart goes out to you, Gangster-Gee. Lord knows you deserve some (Frankie!!) happiness. And Evan, you bastard, you just lost the smartest, most powerful man at the time. Nice job, fuckface. But to the uploaders, she was such a great writer. I don't think I'll ever forget this story, it's well and truly glued to my brain. God bless her for this amazing creation. And thank you for continuing to share it with the world after her passing. Lornaigh, you are sorrily missed.

Yours in Foreverville,