Review for Personalized stories!! :)

Personalized stories!! :)

(#) offical-killjoy 2011-10-13

Name:Isabella lee Way
Appearance:looks a lot like mikey and gerrard but has bright pink hair and lip pirecing
Clothes:skinny jeans, shorts with band tops
Eye colour:hazel
Personality:bubbly crazy hyper
things you like:playin bass and piano and skatebording
things you don't like: spiders, meat(im veggie) sharks and how my brothers are protective

what genre do you want?romance and drama
What do you want the story to be about? i have a secret relationship with frank i fall pregnant and have to tell my brothers who get really angry

people you want to involve and relationships (siblings , love , crush , etc.) my brothers frank im best freinds with Alicia and Lynz and im super close to Ray

anything else i left out? just add all ur extra details in, i love long detailed details .:P could i end up having twins one called Gabby lee way-iero and the other Jayden frank way-iero

if you want to do a sex scene im okay with it and if you dont that is totally okay to :)
good luck cant wait to read x