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Personalized stories!! :)

by MemoryWolf 15 reviews

i'm going to try it out , i'm having writer's block now :) just to divert my attention

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okay ;) i'm going to try to write personalized stories for people because it seems fun :) and i saw alot of people have been writing it . here's the list of things i need :

Eye colour:
things you like:
things you don't like:

what genre do you want?

What do you want the story to be about?

Are they MCR ppl in band or no band, like normal people?

people you want to involve and relationships (siblings , love , crush , etc.)( preferably not from other bands, I'm very clueless in other band other than MCR, bvb and tokio hotel)

anything else i left out? just add all ur extra details in, i love long detailed details .:P

please be very very detailed . (i can't think of any other word than detail :P)
Edit :Oh yeah , it might take some time becuz I'm trying to make it a long one-shot instead of splitting it , I'm already doing a quarter of the first story already :) I found out I'm very describetive , I'm so sorry if it's slow.:)

- XO Memo :)
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