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RayTorosfro's story :)

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Melissa Walden signed up for a job, is that all she will get in return?

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Raytorosfro's story

It was a normal morning with birds chirping and alarm clocks ringing. Melissa popped open one eye to peek at the outside world, she flipped her blanket off and swung her legs to the side of the bed, her feet connecting the cold wooden floor.

"Ugh... Shut up already ..." she said groggily as she slammed her hand down on her alarm clock, she took a look at it and quickly jumped out of bed. She switched on her cd player as she passed it and went to the bathroom.

Her midnight blue bangs were pushed up with a hairband as she started her morning routine. Wash face, brush teeth, apply dark make up, thicken eyeliner, hairband off, brush awesome dark brown and blue midnight hair.

She took one last look at the mirror to make sure she looked perfect. She then went to her closet and stripped off her pajamas, she fished out a pair of black skinny jeans, a dark blue T-shirt and a cheap leather jacket she bought at a night market. It was unimaginable how cheap they sell these fake leather jackets.

Melissa slipped on her clothes as she took a look at the mirror panel on her closet door. 'Perfect' she thought.

"Mel! Are you awake yet? You start work today, remember? I made breakfast!" Just then her mom shouted out to her from the kitchen.

"Yeah, I'm up! Coffee?" she shouted back. "Like our lives depends on it!" Her mom's reply made Melissa laugh.

Melissa grabbed her phone and earphones, her wallet, stuffed some cash in, and stuffed them in her red and black sling bag. She switched off her cd player and walked out of her poster filled room.

"There you are Mel! Can you walk to work? It's nearby right, I have to go now, I'm having a meeting in half an hour." her mom said as Melissa entered the kitchen. "Sure, no prob, have fun!" she told her mom while giving her a peck to the cheeks as goodbye.

"You too Mel!" her mom shouted as she rushed to the door and out. Melissa sat down and sipped her steaming cup of coffee, her breakfast. Coffee was something both the mother and daughter loved, her father loved it too, but he was somewhere around the world working his butt of.

Melissa looked at the clock and stood up, poured her coffee into her thermo flask and walked to the door, grabbing her keys on the way. She put on her black converse and locked the door, took out her earphones and plugged it into her phone.

She randomly picked out a song and blasted it into her ears to push the nervousness of meeting a new person aside. She walked down the streets, checked the address and walked towards the house.

She came to a halting stop as she saw a house with a dark aura around it, she double checked the address then slowly walked towards the door. As she went in closer she could see that no light were on in the house save a small light that lighted up a black door. She nervously pressed on the doorbell and waited.

She didn't have to wait long as she heard footsteps walking towards the door, she took a deep breath in and let it out again. She pulled out her earphones and stuffed it back into her bag. The lock on the door clicked and the door creaked open like in those horror movies. She was then face to face with a pale guy with neck length black hair, smudged red and black eyeliner making the hazel eyes pop out. He had a tired look on his face.

"Yeah?" a beautiful voice spoke out of the tired looking man. "Um.. I'm here for the job as PA for the comic author Gerard Way." Melissa replied stuttering a bit.

"Oh, you're the PA? Okay , come in, the house is not in its best shape today as I'm way too fucking busy to clean up this mess they made." Gerard said as he ran his fingers through his hair to push away the annoying bangs. And he wasn't lying when he said that, Melissa had to tip toe through the mess to get to the black door.

"Okay , basically, your job is to help me out in anything I need, work wise, I think it involves saving me when I'm dying of lack of food down there too." Gerard said with a smirk.

"Umm okay, do you want me to clean this mess up? I could do that." Melissa said while pointing to the mess on the floor.

"It would be great if you could, umm…" Gerard was stuck as he did not know her name because he wasn't paying attention to the letter of application.

"Melissa, Melissa Walden, you can call me Mel." she said while giving a genuine smile. "Okay, I'm Gerard Way, I'll be down there if you need me." He pointed to the black door, turns out, it was a basement and Gerard's 'office'. Melissa put her bag down by the door, which was mysteriously clean. She then rolled up her jacket sleeve and started picking up empty bottles and cans and stuffing them into a black garbage bag she found at the side.

Hours later, she was done, the room had a black couch in the middle, a TV in front of the couch, a coffee table, a love seat, some stools and that was it. She walked further into the house to find the dining room and kitchen. The dining table was made of fine black marble and the island counter was made of white marble, pure beauty. Further in was the kitchen, it was shining with silver metal equipment and a big silver fridge. She walked over to the fridge and opened it, it was filled with beer, wine and food.

She took out some tomato sauce, cold spaghetti and some spices she found in the fridge. She then started cooking their lunch as it was already 1 o'clock. When the spaghetti was cooked she took it out and split it into two plates, one for Gerard and one for her. She poured the tomato sauce on top and took one of the plates and went to the basement. "Gerard, lunch is ready, you want some?" Gerard's head shot up at the smell of food, he quickly stood up and turned to see that Melissa was already behind him. "Here, food." Melissa said, her voice turning soft as her shyness chose that time to show up.

"Let's go up and eat, I need oxygen." He said while wiping his hands on his plain black t shirt. Melissa passed the plate to him and went back upstairs, Gerard following close behind. When they got to the dining room, Gerard sat down at the left side so Melissa went to on the sit opposite of Gerard. "So, what do you want to talk about?" Gerard asked, wanting to know about his PA.

"Umm, how about what comic are you working on?" Melissa asked more than said in her shy voice. "It's called the umbrella academy." Gerard said while scooping up a bundle of spaghetti and shoving it down his throat. Just then, they heard the door lock click and the door swung open to reveal a heavily inked body. "Hey Gee, are- who's that ? " The guy asked.

"Nice timing frank, this is Melissa, my PA, you should be thankful I didn't make you clean up the mess you guys made yesterday." Gerard said while smirking at frank.

"Oh, sorry about the mess um, Melissa, nice to meet you, I'm Frank Iero, Gerard's boyfriend." Frank introduced himself to a shrinking Melissa.

"Uh hi, I'm Melissa you can call me Mel." She said meekly. "Alright then, you don't have anything to say about us being gay?" Frank always at least gets one comment when he said he was gay. "Oh no! I hate homophobics, I think being gay is just as normal as normal people. "Melissa blurted out.

Frank chuckled, "I like your PA gee, she's in."

"In?" Melissa asked curious.

"Oh right, we're going to a night out tonight, don't worry, we're just going for dinner with some other guys." Gerard said. "I want you to come along, if you're not too busy that is."

"Oh um, my mom won't be home tonight so I guess it's okay." Melissa said as she remembered that her mom was always late during weekdays.

"Great, so I'll come over and pick you up at 6 is that okay?" Gerard said. "Yup that's okay, my work ends at 5 right?" Melissa asked back.

"Yeah, but you can go back early if you want, you've already done so much today." Gerard said with a smile. "Okay, I'll go back at 3 then, more time for me to prepare." 3 was an hour away.

"Sure, oh wear casual, don't bring your wallet, Frank will pay since you had to clean up the mess HE made." Gerard said while smirking to frank.

"Hmm, fair enough." Frank just shrugged it off as a repayment.

"Okay, I'm going back down there to finish my work, you guys can just chat here or something." Gerard said while walking towards the basement. Frank waited for Gerard to be gone before whispering in Melissa's ear "I'm going down there to freak him out , maybe make out or something , maybe you would like to go home now cause if something does happen, it's going to be loud." Frank said while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Okay, I'll just leave you guys to your privacy." Melissa said before walking out and into the sun.

She ran back home so she could take a bath and take her time to get ready. She took out her keys from her pocket, opened the doors, took off her shoes and went in. She reached for her phone to check her time, instead of getting her phone, she reached a sudden realization.

She left her bag at Gerard’s house.

She sighed and hoped that Gerard would bring it over for her when they came to pick her up. She went up to her room and stripped off her clothes before walking to the shower and turning on the water.

Melissa’s POV

I let the warm soothing water run over my aching back, god, how much filth and garbage could a couple of guys make? Well, apparently it’s a lot, I never knew, dad was never home. I poured some coffee flavoured shampoo into my hair and started scrubbing. Yes, there’s such thing as coffee flavoured shampoo. After I was done with my bath, I switched off the hot water and went out, my bathroom was clouded with steam to the point where everything was blurry.

I blindly touched my way to the sink, but before I could reach the sink, I slipped and fell. Ouch, I know, it hurts, a lot, I stood up and quickly pasted myself to the wall just in case I fall again, I had something to hold on to. I got to the bathroom door and opened it to let the steam go into my room.

When the steam cleared up a bit, I went over to the sink and wiped the mirror with my hands to clear to blurriness on the mirror. I took a towel off the towel hanger and wiped my body dry, then proceeded to blow dry my short hair. It didn’t take long since it was short, I combed it and went on to put on my makeup, black, my makeup was all black, with a bit of dark blue for the eye shadow.

After I was done with my makeup it was time to pick out clothes, Gerard said casual, so I’m guessing my awesome green skinny jeans is alright, next is shirt, neon green T-shirt with a half zipped black leather jacket, perfect! It was around 5 so I still had some time, I went downstairs and made a cup of sizzling hot strawberry coffee. It took be about half an hour to finish that cup of delicious coffee, I was walking to the kitchen to wash my cup when I heard the doorbell ring.

“Wait a minute yeah!” I called out.

After I rinsed the cup I ran to the door and looked through the small hole and saw Gerard and Frank. I unlocked the door and said hi. Then I went to grab my keys and when I went back to the door, I saw Gerard holding my sling bag. “OMG! Thank you so much!! Can’t believe I forgot to take it back, sorry.” I gave an apologetic smile along with the apology.

“haha, no no, it’s okay, you look awesome!” Gerard said.

“Thanks, you too!” I said giving him a smile.

“Thank you, I look awesome too!” frank piped up, grinning. Gerard and I looked at each other and started laughing. When we were done laughing I locked the door and put on my converse. “Let’s go!” I said as I linked arms with Gerard and Frank, the coffee making me too hyper.

Mikey POV

Idiot, can’t believe he’s late. I’m so not paying for this meal, if- Ah! Here comes the two id- wait, is that a third person? Who’s that? Hmm… Gerard did mention he was getting a PA, must be it, wow, she’s pretty, I wonder how old she is?

“Gee! Over here!” Ray waved to Gerard and Frank. “Hey, sorry we’re late, the traffic was heavy, some motherfucker thought it was fun to run into the middle of the road and jump…idiot!” Gerard started ranting about how the traffic got heavy and shit. The girl was fidgeting beside frank, probably deciding whether or not to announce her presence. Maybe I should help her out.

“Hey Gee, who’s the girl?” I asked while poking my brother, I know he hates it, that’s why I do it smirk. “Stop poking me Mikey! You know I hate it! Frankie! Make him stop!” My brother whined. “C’mon Mikey, stop it.” Frank said while giggling. I stopped because my brother was squirming in a very unattractive way now. “Good boy.” Frank said while patting my head.

“Awww, that’s so cute…” Gerard said while smiling. We started laughing then the girl spoke up “Um..hi?” she said with a shy and soft voice, cute. “Oh, right sorry, forgot to introduce you, guys this is my PA Melissa Walden, Mel, the one with Le Fro is Ray Toro and the scrawny one with glasses is my brother, Mikey Way.” God, he had to say scrawny, I’m going to get my revenge one day… one day… “Mikey!” my brother waved a hand in front of me, “huh?” I asked, I must have been off in my own world for a little too long.

“Have you guys ordered yet?” Gerard asked while sitting down beside me and Frank sitting beside him, leaving Mel to sit beside Ray. “No, we were nice enough to wait for you guys to arrive, dear brother.” He laughed and pecked me on my cheek.

“Ewww!” I wiped my cheek with the back of my hand and wiped it on his shirt. I heard a giggle and looked at Mel. She looked back at me and I swear I saw sparks fly, love at first sight, well, for me at least. She blushed and looked back down at her hands.

“Are you ready to order?” A waiter came over and asked. “I’ll have a Half raw steak, this guy will take a plate of mac n’ cheese.” Gerard ordered for him and frank. “I’ll have a plate of fried rice.” Didn’t have much appetite anyway. “I’ll have a Lamb chop, and Mel, what do you want?” Ray asked Mel. “Um.. I’ll just have a bowl of salad please.” She said meekly. “Drinks?” the waiter asked again. “5 glasses of plain water please.” Thank god he actually knows how to order water. The waiter nodded and went to place our order.

“So Mel, how old are you?” Gerard asked, he doesn’t even know how old his PA is, go figures. “I’m 16.”

Yes! 16 isn’t that young, only 3 years younger. “So, why would you want to work as Gee’s PA anyway?” I asked curious as to see why someone would actually want to be my brother’s PA. “Well, I needed money, so yeah…” She said. “Don’t your parents give you money?” I asked again. “Well, my mom works hard to pay the bills, so I want her to use her hard earned money to enjoy herself this holiday, and my dad, well he’s always away for work so yeah…” She looked a little bit lonely at the mention of her dad, stupid Mikey! You just had to ask, didn’t you?

Third Person POV

While Mikey was self-hating, the waiter had came back with all their orders.

They ate in silence, frank paid they then walked out. The guys were talking and Melissa was walking at the side, Mikey saw it and went over to talk to her .

"Hey, I'm sorry about just now." Mikey said apologetically. "What for?" Melissa asked shocked.

"For asking about your dad, you looked lonely when you talked about him." Mikey explained.

"it's okay." Melissa said while giving a reassuring smile.

"If you say so. Hey, you wanna hang out some time?" Mikey said while looking at her.

"um.. Sure." Melissa said while blushing.

"Here's my number, um... Can I get yours?" Mikey asked while passing a piece of paper to Melissa.

"sure, just let me give you a miss call." Melissa said while taking out her phone and typing in mikey's number. Mikey's phone then started ringing then stopped.

Mikey smiled "Thanks."

They went back to join the other guys.

"Mel, where do you live?" Ray asked.

"23, road swista, why?" Melissa said.

"Oh! I live right next to you! No wonder you look familiar!" Ray exclaimed.

"oh really, I've never really seen you around though." Melissa said.

"Cause I don't really go out much, I can fetch you home if you want to, Mikey's going with Gerard."

"Sure, that'd be great," Melissa smiled to Ray.They went their separate ways.

"So, what were you talking to Mikey about just now?" Ray asked while starting the engine after getting in the car."nothing much, Mikey was just saying we should hang out sometime." Melissa said while checking the time on her phone.

Ray smirked "He totally likes you."

"I'm sure it's not like that, I just only met him." Melissa said while blushing.

"sure, but you won't know it until you experience it you know." Ray said while making a turn.

"Yeah..." Melissa said.

Ray turned into their street and let Melissa off before going to park his car into the garage.

All Melissa was thinking now was only about Mikey, 'Why did he wanted to hang out' 'Did he mean something behind it?' Her head was exploding.

"just don't think too much about it, it'll come naturally!" she heard Ray yell before going into her house and locking the door.

She went to sit on the couch. 'Geez, first day of work and all this excitement.'. She slowly drifted off to sleep.


When she woke up, there was a blanket draped over and a note saying 'I won't be back for a week, I'm going over to the neighbouring state to settle some job.
-Love, mom XO'.

She put the note on the table and went up to her bathroom toilet. She did her normal morning routine and came back downstairs to make some coffee before setting off for work. Then her phone rang, she went over to pick it up.

"Hello?" Melissa said into her phone.

"Hello Mel, do you mind picking up a few packets of coffee beans from Ray's house on your way to work?" Gerard's voice rang through the phone.

"yeah sure no prob" Melissa said as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

"Ok then, I'll see you later Mel."

"See you later , boss." she said while smirking.

"Very funny Mel, you can just call me Gee you know."

"I know, I was just bored, bye!" She said proceeding to close the call.

Melissa quickly downed the cup of coffee and went to wash the cup. She wiped her hands off on the table cloth and went to pick up her phone and bag and went out while locking the door.

She put on her shoes and walked towards Ray's house.

"Wait a sec!" Ray's voice called out after Mel ringed the doorbell. She heard footsteps running towards the door and the door clicked open. "Here you go, Gee's 4 packet of coffee." Ray said while handing Mel four packs of dark brown coloured coffee bean packs.

“ Thanks Ray, well, I’ll be going now, bye!” Mel said as she turned to walk away. “Bye!” She heard Ray yell.

She started skipping, then it changed to running as she saw the time on her phone and found out she had only 5 more minutes until she was late. She panted heavily trying to catch her breath as she rang the doorbell.

She was expecting Gerard to come and open the door but it was Mikey who answered it.

“Hey Mel.” Mikey said as he took the coffee beans and proceeded to the kitchen. “Lock the door!” he called back to Mel.

Mel locked the door and went into the kitchen. “Hey Mikey, what are you doing here anyway?”

Mikey laughed, “What’s so funny?” Mel was blushing now ‘He has such a cute laugh!’

“I’m Gerard’s brother remember?” Mikey said after he calmed down. “Oh, but you weren’t here yesterday, you made me clean up all the mess.” Mel said trying to defend herself.

“Yesterday? Oh, yesterday I was at Ray’s, sorry you had to clean up, we didn’t really bother when we woke up with a killer hangover, ya know.” Mikey poured the grinded coffee into three separate cups. “You want one?”

“No thanks, I just had one just now.”

“Suite yourself, more for me then.” Mikey said while grinning like an idiot, ‘YAY! More coffee for Mikey!’ he thought happily.

“Here, bring this down for Gee, you are his PA after all.”

“Lol, sure.” Mel took a cup of Gee’s coffee and went down the basement.

“BOSS! Coffee’s here to save you!” Mel joked. Suddenly there was a blur of red and black and the cup of coffee was gone. She looked around curiously to see Gerard sipping the coffee while sitting down on the black couch.

“You couldn’t have said it any more correctly!” Mikey laughed as he walked down the stairs.

“Shut up Mikey!” Gerard said while blushing slightly.

“Can I.. can I have that extra cup of coffee now?” Mel said as her mouth watered at the smell of delicious coffee coming from both sides of her, making it hard to resist.

“No! You said you didn’t want it.” Mikey taunted.

“But I want it now!!” Mel begged. The guys started laughing. Mel pouted and went back upstairs and sat on the couch still pouting.

She heard footsteps coming up, she willed herself not to look.

“Aww, c’mon, don’t cry, here, I finished the extra cup earlier, you can have this one, it’s still half full.” Mikey said while sitting down beside Mel and passing the cup to her.

“Yay!” Mel squeaked and drank happily from the cup. “You know, that’s like indirect kissing.” Gerard’s voice piped up from behind the couch.

Mel and Mikey immediately blushed and Mikey managed to retort “Shut up Gee!”

"You guys are blushing like mad!" Gerard said while laughing.

Mikey and Mel was speechless as they tried not to make eye contact.

"You know what, Mel, you can have the rest of the day off, but, Mikey has to take you on a date." Gerard smirked. Mel blushed and even darker shade of red.

"Gee! What are you talking about??!!" Mikey exclaimed, face as red as Mel's.

"C'mon, it's obvious you guys like each other but just doesn't know it yet, go out and deepen your relationship! Mikey, get a girlfriend! Mel, get a boyfriend so you won't bore yourself to death when I'm super busy and can't talk!" Gerard said while giving them a wave and walking back down to the basement.

"Um.. Well, since you have the rest of the day off, do you wanna, you know, umm, take a walk in the park or something, it-it's okay if you don't want to though, I'll understand!" Mikey was clearly flustered.

"Um sure, a walk sound nice." Mel said, face still red.

They walked out of the door and towards the park near-by, they walked in an awkward silence.

"So, um, what's your favourite type of music?" Mikey asked, trying to break the awkward silence. "Um, usually metal, sometimes classical."

"Oh, okay." Mikey had no idea what to talk about now.

"So, how does it feel to have a brother?" Mel motioned for them to sit down on an empty bench. "Well, if you're talking about the positives, it's pretty good, you get someone who you can ask advice from, you got a best friend and all."

"Wow, negatives?"

"We fight sometimes, but we always made up, and my brother always get the girls, not to mentions the guys too." Mikey's voice had a hint of sadness in it.

"Th-that's not true, I like you!" Mel blurted out without thinking causing her face to turn tomato red.

Mikey turned to look at Mel, wide-eyed. "You, you mean it?"

Melissa nodded shyly while looking down. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it." She mumbled.

"Hey, Mel, look up." Mikey's hand went to grab both sides of Mel's cheek and pulled her face to face with Mikey.

"You don't need to apologize, I-I like you too." If blushing could create heat, they both would have been on fire already.

"Well then, that's good! Now it's time for you both to kiss!" Ray's voice popped up from behind the bench.

"R-Ray! Why are you here?" Mel asked flustered.

"Well, Gerard was worried it wouldn't work well, so he asked me to tag along help both my best buddies get together, ya know?"

"Gee? Damn him!" Mikey said while standing up and running back home to give Gerard a smack to the head.

"Hey Mel." Ray said calmly.

Melissa looked towards him to see him smirking. "What am I going to do with you Ray?" Mel made a 'tsk' sound before laughing. "Well, let's go back now, I'll tell you all of Mikey's embarrassing past on the way." Ray waited for Melissa to walk before following.

That night, Gerard had invited Frank and Ray over to celebrate Mikey and Melissa's new found love.

"Congratz Mikes, Mels." Frank said before poking them both and startling them.

"Frank!" they both shouted in unison. They looked at each other and laughed.

Just then, Gerard had a great idea to make things more heated up. He made Mikey and Mel look at each other before pushing their heads together, startling them both for the second time that night.

They pulled apart and blushed madly, Ray whipped out a camera and took a picture and showed it to them, the guys started laughing.

"Hey! That’s no funny!" Mel said pouting.

The guys ignored her and kept on laughing.

Mikey looked at Mel and made eye contact with her. Soft and loving smiles both appeared on their lips as they partied on into the night and begin their new future together.

Sorry the ending is quite rushed, i found out i used too much time on this story so i had to cut to the chase, but if you want me to make it longer i can, i just have to adjust some things and repost it. Reviews please, cookies :) Starting on Keep It Ugly's story now!
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