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Keep It Ugly's story

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they've been dating since they were 16, can they bare a long time away from each other due to Mikey's job.

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Aven Cozy's story

Aven walked down the stairs toward her kitchen, trying to find something to cheer herself up. Ever since her boyfriend, Mikey, went on the road for tour, she hasn't been happy since.

She had tried everything, she tried drawing, cooking her favorite food and even driving around aimlessly. still it did not work, it could not keep her thoughts of her boyfriend away.

He had been gone for 5 months, Aven understood that not being able to see each other often was part of the package to becoming the lover of a famous bassist of a famous band. But she still missed him dearly.

She was snapped out of her thoughts as the phone rang, she ran over to pick it up.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hello my love, have you missed me?" She smiled as she heard the sound of her sweetheart.

"Hello Mikey, yes I miss you." She giggled.

"I miss you too!" Mikey said.

She felt a nudge on her leg and a bark. She laughed.

"Jett misses you too!" She could hear his laughing voice on the other end.

"Okay, I have some bad news though." He said, his voice turning serious.

"What is it?" Aven asked with a sad voice.

"I don't know how long it will be until I'm back." Mikey answered hesitantly.

"Oh, that's sad, but as long as you come back, that’s enough for me." she tried to encourage her boyfriend to work hard and don't think about her too much. She was afraid it will affect his work.

"Okay dear, if you say so, I have to go now, we're about to do soundcheck, bye honey." He said as he hung up.

She sighed and walked to the couch, Jett following close behind. She sat down and felt Jett's wet nose touch her fingers and his whimpering, she smiled and patted him.

"It's okay, I'm sure he'll be alright, and he will definitely be home soon, if not, I'm flying there to see him." She said while laughing a little.

Night after night, she says to herself that Mikey will come back soon, maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after. But when morning comes, she realizes she has no idea when he will come back.

Aven’s POV

5 months have passed and I haven’t gotten a word from Mikey after that day, I wonder if he’s all right. No! I can’t go on like this anymore, I have to call him!

I walk down the stairs and towards the phone, just then, Jett runs in from the courtyard and straight to me. He knocked me down onto my soft carpet, lucky it was soft.

“Jett! C’mon boy, get off me!” I said while laughing and trying to push him off, then my hand collided with a piece of paper attached to him with tape. I carefully ripped it out and read it.

‘Hey babe! Guess who’s this? I hope you’re thinking of the right person, I missed you dearly these 10 months, LOOK UP!’ the paper read. I could feel a big smile tug on my lips.

I looked up to see my beloved Mikey standing there with his black parade uniform still on, I ran to him and enveloped him in a big hug.

We hugged for a while in silence before breaking apart and smiling at each other, “Hey babe, missed me much? I don’t know about you but I missed you, a lot!” Mikey exclaimed.

“For a second there I thought the note was from mom.” I joked, wanting to see his expression.

He pouted and stared at me making sobbing noises. “I’m just kidding! I knew it was you from the start Mikes! Oh how I miss you so!” I hugged him again.

I heard a bark and saw Jett jumping on both of us before we both landed on the soft carpet. Oh how I missed these days, and now they’re all coming back. “I love you Mikey.” And before he could reply, I kissed him, for all the lost time and all the missed hugs kisses.

Sorry it's so damn short, i can't think of any other :( still , tell me what you think :)
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