Review for Personalized stories!! :)

Personalized stories!! :)

(#) CosmicCollision 2011-10-13

Name: Yasmine Eshaya

Age: 21

Appearance- short black hair cut asymmetrical with the front layers just a tad bit longer, also a fringe that parts to the right. 5'7, yeah I'm kind of tall. Slender with curvy hips. C cup boobs (I'm sure that doesn't matter, just covering everything hehe.) Sage green eyes with black long lashes. Beige creamy skin. A beauty mark above upper lip. Usually wears a nude color lip gloss. Doesn't wear too much make up besides the basics, has sensitive skin :/


Eye colour: Hazel

Personality:Outgoing, expressive. Able to adapt to new surroundings well. Likes to talk...a lot. Cooky, snarky, sassy, sarcastic and humble. Doesn't like to make a big deal out of things, so she'll stay quiet, but if someone comes at her the wrong way she is not afraid to speak her mind, even if it means getting physical. Likes to laugh and make people laugh. To hear or tell a funny joke just makes her day for some odd reason. Smiles a lot or waves at random people to see their expressions. Sort of likes to be embarrasing and make people blush, but it's all in good fun, it can come off as she's a jerk but she means no harm. A good listener and doesn't mind letting people vent if they need to. She will unwillingly give bad advice, but it's the thought that counts right? Open minded. Perverted, I accidentally think of things that would make people shun me. Sometimes a little too sensitive. Hopeless romantic. Awkward flirt.

Likes- Nature. Ipods. Rock> Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Trapt, Flyleaf, White Stripes. techno, hip hop, country, jazz, and spanish music. Really loves Adele the singer. Animals. Children, babies. Dancing. Laughing. Arts and Crafts. Texting. Internet. Coffee or anything at Starbucks. Jamba Juice. 80's movies. Has a huge crush on James McAvoy. Trees. Rain. Playing piano. Cookies. Frozen yogurt. The desert. Lightning storms. Harry Potter jelly beans :D. kickboxing. Concerts. Singing. Smiling. Dancing in the rain. Art. Taking baths. Traveling. Japan. Australia. Arizona. Italy. Picnics. Musicals. Plays.

Dislikes- Anything that crawls. Super romantic couples, like the constantly lip smacking deal, it's gross to see and hear. Animal cruelty or rather abuse to any living thing for that matter. Drama. Gossip. Cheaters. Fakes. Medicine. Candy. Pop music. Tripping over things, or bumping into things. Dirt. Whiny people or people who complain a lot but don't do anything about it. Being taken advantage of. Accused of things I know I didn't do. Negative people. Goody two shoes people. Bullies. Reality shows. Social media drama. Backstabbers. Baby talk to grown up people :P

what genre do you want? : Three Cheers Era, angst, romance.

people you want to involve and relationships : Bob Bryar and Chris Taylor Brown from Trapt (I love them both dearly) Yasmine can't decide who she wants to be with more. Her current boyfriend Chris or Bob whom's she met on tour. A fight ensues between all of them, and she's ultimately forced to choose either one of them or they're leaving.

anything else i left out? : I don't think so...the more drama, the better :P I hope mine isn't too confusing, but it's sort of a spur of the moment since Threes Cheers is my absolute fav era, as well as other my favorite band's era.

Author's response

It's a little complicated but I'll try my best , but I can't be sure everything will be exact , I might have to change a bit to make it nice , hope you won't mind ? I just edited the form , because I forgot to add that I can't really do characters from other bands cuz I dun really know their personality , and personality is very important in a story :) so how do you want to change it?