Review for Personalized stories!! :)

Personalized stories!! :)

(#) Bad_Romance 2011-10-13

Name: Kat Welsh
Age: 21
Appearance: Long cherry red hair, with lots of layers and a side fringe. Defined cheek bones, and full lips (think megan fox lips). Curvy but slim figure. Quite busty.
Clothes: Casual dress which are usually tight to her body, and stop about mid-thigh. Pair of converse's to go with.
Eye colour: Bright blue/grey, with long eye-lashes.
Personality: Usually quite a bubbly happy person. Can get quite down sometimes for no reason, and when that happens tends to go on binges of alcohol and drugs. Can cheer people up easily, and enjoys making people smile.
things you dont like: spiders. chavs. people who think they can treat others like crap.
things you like: music. going to live gigs. spending time with people she loves.

what genre do you want? Romance.

What do you want the story to be about? Frank and Kat have always been friends, they grew up with each other as there parents were friends. Kat goes to see Frank on tour, (its set during revenge times) after breaking up with her boyfriend. They get drunk, Kat before the show, and both of them after the show that MCR are about to do. Frank basically tells her he loves her. They kiss, blah blah blah :)

people you want to involve and relationships (siblings , love , crush , etc.)( preferably not from other bands, I'm very clueless in other band other than MCR, bvb and tokio hotel): Gerard, Mikey and Ray could make a apperance. Also, Kat used to go out with Gerard, but they broke up and remain friends.