Review for Personalized stories!! :)

Personalized stories!! :)

(#) MCRnA7xlover 2011-10-13

Name:Angela Rios
Appearance:long dark brown hair, with purple highlights, pale, snake bites, avenged sevenfold logo on her right shoulder, red lips, thin, about 5'5
Clothes:wears band shirts and skinny jeans
Eye colour:dark brown
Personality:very bubbly and hyper sometimes can be very shy but when she's comfortable (with her friends) she gets more confident.
things you like:playing guitar and singing. also chocolate
things you don't like:spiders

what genre do you want?romance

What do you want the story to be about?i have an abusive family and frank is new to my school and trys to help me get out of the house and becomes very protective of me

people you want to involve and relationships (siblings , love , crush , etc.)( preferably not from other bands, I'm very clueless in other band other than MCR, bvb and tokio hotel)relationship with frank and all the guys from MCR

thank you :D