Review for But No One Sees the Gnashing Teeth of My Heart [Frerard]

But No One Sees the Gnashing Teeth of My Heart [Frerard]

(#) xxBL00D-INKxx 2011-10-13

Ok so I saw this story and i checked it out and....yu've got some real talent for writing dude! Sorry if i called yu dude. I kall EVERY ONE dude... Bak to the point. I really really love this. Like no joke. I even got my fone taken away in class for reading DURING algebra hehe its just so good! N in most ways- i dont kno how or why- but this is so much like my life. The way frank feels and how he sees life. It reminds me so much of my own life. I dont kno. I guess thats why im liked in love with this story because i feel like theres someone out there (even if its imaginary but at least someone thought of it) kno those feelings. All those thoughts. Man, this is just so amazing dude. I swear i almost cried while reading the chapters. Its like theres a perfect movie going on in my head thankx ti yu amazing writing. Keep up the awsum job! Thankx for someone how making me feel a little less alone in this useless world full of shit ;]

Author's response

I really appreciate that, seriously thank you so much. Oh man xD Well, hopefully I won't get you into too much trouble. I'm glad you're able to relate to this. I find it very cathartic to write, seeing as how I'm pretty much the Frank in this story. It feels good to know it helps people, in any way.
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