Review for Escape and Return!

Escape and Return!

(#) LabRat 2011-10-14

I laughed when I read the part about Colin and Ginny. That they named all of their children some masculine or feminine variation of Harry is not really surprising when two people that obsessed with Harry Potter marry each other. I will admit the titles of some of those role playing things, and the implications of them, were kind of creepy. I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow found a way for Colin to impregnate her while under some kind of Harry Potter Polyjuice.

Huh, Daphne's plan backfired, that was a big shocker...not.

House husband Harry, saw that one coming a mile away given who the wives were.

Author's response

(RE: Ginny, Colin, their games, and the little Harrys)I'm sure someone else has done something similar, but if so I haven't come across it, so I couldn't resist