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After the End

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A very short epilogue to the story. . . .

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Chapter VII – After the End
By Dr T

Harry Potter and the canon associated are owned and operated by She-Who-Must-Be-Named and her paid minions. I, unpaid, rearrange things to suit myself for my own pleasure. Hopefully you got some as well. If not, well, you got what you paid for!

In the end, Hogwarts was not closed. Instead, it no longer educated First through Fifth years. Those students who would have gone to Hogwarts joined the others going to the regional schools, and instead of having to go overseas for their last two years, the students from the regional schools could now attend Hogwarts for their final two years. Binns was dismissed from teaching entirely, as was Trelawney, while Slughorn retired, this time for good. Sprout was made the Headmistress of the school, and Babbling and Vector stayed from the old teaching staff. Hagrid was moved back to grounds keeper, and Pince and Hooch were retained as well. Sinistra, Flitwick, and McGonagall were transferred to other schools, but none of the unmarked staff faced any formal charges other than Filch, who spent three years in a low security cell. Mrs. Norris, on the other hand, stayed on. Working with the elves, the cat actually became a castle mascot.

The Druids kept control of Hogwarts in many ways, and invited the technomages to join them. The British School of Higher Magical Studies at Hogwarts was only part of the functions held within Hogwarts. While the School was for Sixth and Seventh years, there was also a Training Center for those interested in advanced training and learning advanced theory in many areas. In some ways, Hogwarts became something along the lines of the only university for magical theory in Europe. The Druids openly recruited followers for their Faith, and many in and around Britain took advantage of that. Many of the Muggle-born-and-raised were encouraged to keep up their knowledge of regular technology, science, and maths while they attended the regional schools, and then learned how to apply that knowledge to techno-magic at Hogwarts. Technomage companies also opened outlets in Hogsmeade, gaining the traditional retailers a much higher volume of walk-throughs to make impulse sales to.

No one outside the Vodun ever saw Percy Weasley again, but there was a sudden appearance of red heads in the next generation of the group throughout its range. Ron Weasley reluctantly joined his sister for their last year at the new version of Hogwarts. Afterwards, Ron played three years for the Cannons before joining the Sports Department at the Ministry, eventually marrying a fan of the Cannons. With some help from the ‘outsider’ businesses in Hogsmeade, the pair opened an Hawaiian-style restaurant in the village, featuring luaus on Hogsmeade-weekends.

Ginny played six seasons for the Harpies and married her live-in publicist, Colin Creevey. They had three children (Harold, Harrison, and Harriet), and operated a photo studio. Rumors of them taking turns with the characters while role playing ‘Harry Potter and the Captured Innocent,’ ‘Harry Potter and the Naughty Firstie,’ ‘Harry Potter and the Redheaded Veela,’ ‘Harry Potter and the Cabin Boy,’ etc. remained rumors, as their children and grandchildren would burn the tens of thousands of photos, masks, and other objects they found after the couple’s death decades later.

A number of the student collaborators at Hogwarts were placed on probation. Daphne Greengrass was also placed on probation, and was actively shunned by most on both sides, ruining her dream of a political career. Minister Shacklebolt stayed minister for many decades, proving himself a master politician by playing off the different internal factions and the Druids, making both look to him as the person who could discover common ground.

Harry, Hermione, and Luna continued to be coached for the various N.E.W.T.s they were interested in by the Druids and technomages through the late summer of 1998. At that point, all three transferred their education to the South Island of New Zealand. There, the technomages, Maori, and some other groups were establishing joint magical studies institutes, so that students could learn cross-cultural magics. At the same time, the Maori and the Australio-New Zealand Ministry had arranged that students who had some form of Muggle equivalency education could take courses at Christchurch Polytechnic, the University of Canterbury, and the University of Otago Christchurch School of Medicine & Health Sciences. Hermione had decided her future lay in technomagic, and would earn magical Masteries of Transfiguration, Charms, and Arithmancy, as well as Muggle degrees in Mathematics and Physics. Luna earned Masteries in Charms, Transfiguration, and Magical Creatures, and Muggle degrees in Environmental Sciences. Harry earned his Masteries in Defense and Charms and did some consultant work, but primarily he spent the rest of his life as Luna and Hermione’s house husband, raising their children.

Harry was well-content (as were Luna and Hermione). As far as Harry was concerned, all was well.
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