Review for Ain't no rest for the wicked

Ain't no rest for the wicked

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2011-10-27

great chapter! i'm supposed to work on my story but everytime i try i end up staring a (still completely white) paper down lol^^ so some extra kudos because you're one of the few authors on here who update regulary and it's not bull.

oh the misterious write idea
but i'd sureashell be on that list if i'd be going to your school xp

oh and i wanna shove franks mother into a meatgrinder in this one SUCK THAT HOMOPHOBIC BITCH!

on a lighter note: do you reply to reviews? awesome ppl do...

xx k (i should really lay off the coffee for a while)

Author's response

I usaully reply to reviews depending on
a. If I'm asked to
b. I want to clarify
c. I want to thank them
d. If I'm bored
And, well, I think you fall under all categories. My piano lessons were just canceled cuz my teacher got an allergic reaction. So I have nothing to do but this. So yeah, there's youur unnecessarily long reply.