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chapter 11 Truth can be undesirable

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Frankie's mom...

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Gerard's P.O.V.
"Gerard way. You are being tried on the account of turning former human Franklin Iero into a vampire." The head of the council says, voice uncaring, coming from behind a wooden desk. "Will you plead guilty?"
"I...Yes." I say.
"As punishment for breaking the law, both Mr. Franklin Iero and Mr. Mikey Way shall be executed at daybreak. Case closed." The man from behind the desk says.
I feel dread and fear overwhelm me. They can't take MY Frankie, or MY Mikey! Soon I'm not as sad. But I'm very much angry.
"Would you really do that? Because trust me when I say, I'll no longer be a neutral force in the vampire society if you do. And I'll be joining the resistance, not you. Never you." I laugh."Would you really want me to be against you? I'm the head of the neutral force--and a lot of people are neutral because I haven't decided where I stand. You'd lose a lot if you completely lost me."
He thinks for a moment. "Would you really turn on us? I thought that, ah, what's his name? Edward, that's it! I thought your old lover hated the resistance. Would you really join the people who got your ex husband killed?"

I wake up, sweat dripping from my face, breathing hard. I stop breathing hard, as I remember I don't need to breath. I still do, when I don't catch myself. That was a bad dream. Something like that could happen, too. I'll have to make sure it doesn't. I look at the clock. It's 9:30.
I get up out of my sleeping bag, Frankie's still sleeping in his bed, curling slightly, such an innocent and adorable look on his face...No, I shouldn't be thinking about this.
I go to the hallway bathroom to wash my face. I pass Frankie's mom, who's leaving for work in an hour or so, and she tells me to take a shower, as Frankie might not be up for a while. I do.
The hot water soaks into my body, and I get a chance to really think. And That's what I do. I think about keeping Frankie (and Mikey) safe from the Council. I can't let the council near them. They can't fin out about Frankie, or me, falling in love with the poor boy. He's probably going to have a horrible afterlife, and it's all my fault.
I get out of the shower, and re-dress. I hear Frankie's mom downstairs as I walk to Frankie's room.
I open the door, but don't really step in. Frankie's up, looking around furiously. He is visibly relieved when he sees me.
"I thought you left." He says, getting out of his bed and walking over to me. Then he pulls me into a hug. He buries his face in my chest, wrapping his arms around my waist. Okaaaay... I'm not complaining, but where did this come from?
"I'd never leave you." I say, realizing it's true. I can't leave Frankie any more than I can stop loving him(AKA it's not going to happen).
"Thanks, Gee." He says. "I've got to tell my mom, about the whole vampire thing." He looks up at me.
"No! You really can't do that! I mean, the more people who know, the more likely it is the Vampire Council will hear about it! I don't want them to know." I say. Frankie looks a bit sad, but he gets it. I know he does.
"But what will happen if they find out?" He asks.
"Well, it could--"
"F...Franklin Iero..." I hear a voice from the stairway, and it can only be Frankie's mom. "What...What are you doing?" I turn, and Frankie breaks the hug, hands behind back, staring at the floor, guilty style.
"Um..Mom." He says, biting his cute little lip ring.
"Franklin...You're not...Are you gay?" She asks, curiosity, hurt and even anger lining her eyes.
"Um..." He says. Oh God, she must not know... I remember telling MY mum I was a queer. She threw a ladle at me. Ladles do hurt,just FYI.
"Um, yeah... I am." He says, rather bravely if I do say so myself.
"Get out." She says.
"What?" He asks, eyes wide.
"Get out. Of. My. House." She spits, turning her back on us. "I want you out in ten minutes. You have that long to pack."
Frankie's jaw drops, his eyes widening as he bursts into tears. "Where am I supposed to stay?"
"I don't care. You're no son of mine." She says.
"Please..." He begs.
"Out. I'm setting the timer now." She heads downstairs.
I pat Frankie's shoulder. "Better get packing."
"Where am I supposed to go?" He asks. I think about this for approximately 0 seconds.
"With me."

Yup, It took me about an hour of staring at a blank page to figure out what happened next. Oh, if you're looking for a great book for kids (I read it it was good, even though it's for 9 year olds) try The Kneebone Boy by Ellen Potter. It's surprisingly good. Oh, just to add to the awesomeness of my life, I got written up today. What is a write up you ask? I don't know. I just got written up. You see, my friend was using the word whimsy incorrectly just to bug me. He said 'I'm gunna whim you in the face!' Thus, I said 'Shut the (Insert swear word of choice) up!' Thus, earning the mysterious write up. Ah, the world... So, homophobic bitch=Frank's mom. Ah, Please R&R, that would be nice. OMF, it's almost Halloween! Meesa est excited. Yay. R&R, I sorta kinda am supposed to say I love you here, but then I'd sound like a CREEPY STALKER TOMATO so I won't. A bit of repetitive-ness, but R&R, muther fuckers! (If my teachers read this... so much worse than a write up.

For the love of Gee,
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