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chapter 10 Sleep over?

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Frankie goes back home, sorta

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Gerard's P.O.V.
I stay with Frankie at the hospital, making sure he's okay. He's worried he's going to go all 'thirsty vampire' on them. It probably won't happen, I told him, but he still worries about the humans...ah, Frankie. He's totally freaked, walking down the halls expecting someone to shout 'vampire!' It's quite cute, really.
The nurses were in an uproar, looking for Frankie. We walked right past them, and they didn't even notice. I think they expected Frankie to be in a horrible condition, and it's what I would have expected in this situation, too.
We went into Frankie's blue and white hospital room. In one of those white cream colored plastic chairs with a little cushion, was Raven, crying her eyes out.
Frankie, naturally, rushes over to her. I stand awkwardly in the doorway.
"Rave, are you okay?" He asks. She looks up at him, then launches herself into a giant Frankie-hug. Her hugs seem to be a thing to reckon with.
"I-I thought you were dead! When they said you were gone, I thought they were just trying to tell me you were dead!" She sobs, as Frankie pats her back.
Raven tightens the hug, making sure it's real (And half crushing Frankie), and I feel a pang of jealousy, even though Frankie did say he was gay. I want to hold him like that, not look on from the doorway.
"Erm...Hi."I say, addressing Raven, then biting my lip. She looks over at me, so does Frankie."We should probably let the Hospital know that Frank's back."
"Oh, yeah." Frankie says, and I walk to the bedside and press the red 'help' button.
Frankie is released from the hospital within the day. He invites me over for the night, not knowing what to expect from his vampire-ness at night. His mum rushes over after Frankie's cleared of all cancer. It turns out she does care about Frankie, and that IS the reason I never saw her. Working to full time jobs to pay the bills must be hard.
"Frankie!" She'd cried, rushing into a hug with him as soon as she'd seen him.
We eat dinner with his mum, and at least for me, it's quite funny. Frankie is nervously moving his red sauce pasta around on his plate, nervous to eat it. He looks at me for guidance, but I'm just examining the salt and pepper shakers, very innocently. There is no WAY I'm taking the first bit. This is too amusing. Finally, Frankie nervously takes a bite, almost choking when he realizes it tastes the same. Expect the unexpected. I have to laugh, earning me a glare from Frankie and a strange look from his mum.

"You need to tell me more about being a vampire," Frankie demands, after we're both in our beds.(Him, on his bed. Me, in a sleeping bag on the floor)"Like, food tastes the same! Am I allergic to garlic."
I chuckle. "Nope, vampires are only allergic to four things: strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, and bananas. Not blackberries, curiously enough."
He doesn't think on this long. "What are the benefits?"
"Well, you typically have awesome hearing, but it is selective, stronger and faster than most humans, don't bruise easily. But some vampires are better at some things. I bruise easy for a vamp, but I'm much faster than most."
"Oh, so no mind reading then?" He asks, leaning off his bed a little to look at me with those adorably curious eyes.
I chuckle."I pity anyone who can read the minds of others. I have enough dirty thoughts of my own, thank you very much." I say. We laugh.
"Goodnight, Frank."
"Night, Gee."

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