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chapter 9 Explanations

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Gee explains a bit about Vampire life.

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Some say
now suffer all the children
and walk away a savior
Or a madman and polluted

***Frankie's P.O.V.
I'm coughing, God it hurts, and Gee's on top of me? Where am I? What's going on?
I see a sad, yet excited expression on Gee's face. Oh my shit- Is he going to kill me?
Gerard's holding my arms down, and sitting on my hips. I blush at this. But I can't move, and I think that's the point. Oh God, he's going to kill me. I know I said I wish they'd just end my life, but now that it's a possibility...
He puts his head in the crook of my neck. "I'm sorry" He whispers, his breathe cold against my neck. There's a pain now, a pain intensifying through my body. It starts at my neck, a burning, like I'm on fire, burning from the inside. I try to scream, but i can't over my spazzing tongue.
I try to push Gerard off of me, I push with all the might I can gather but it still isn't enough to get him off. I feel one last, sharp pain in my chest, and suddenly I can open my eyes, I don't hurt, and my tongue has stopped behaving oddly.
I see Gerard's still on top of me, his eyes squeezed tight. I stop trying to push him off me.
"What did you do to me?!" I spit. His beautiful green eyes open, and he gets off of me, sitting himself right by my side.
"I thought you mightn't make it." He says as I sit up.
"Make what?" I ask, none too kindly. He does look a bit hurt, but I don't care that much. He did something weird to me, and I want to know what it is. I'm not one of those boys, thinking he'd never hurt me because I love him. He is up to something.
"Frank, you're a vampire."
***Gee's P.O.V.
I see Frankie become confused. "I...What?!" He yells.
"I... at the hospital, asked if you wanted to become a vampire, and you said yes so I thought...And I turned you into a vampire." I say, chewing on my lip, biting back tears he's brought out because of the yelling. Why does Frankie affect me like this? I wouldn't be holding back tears if he were anyone else.
"But I thought...Wait, you've been a vampire this whole time?" He asks. He's not yelling anymore.
"Um, yeah." I admit.
"Is that why you were so mean? 'cause you were hungry?" HE asks. I laugh.
"This isn't twilight. If it was, I'd fucking shine in fucking sunlight. God I hate that book. No, I've been mean to you because there's a Council of Vampires who simply hate me for existing. Oh, that reminds me. No one can know you're not human anymore. That might end badly for us. For everyone, actually."
"Why?" He asks.
"Well, to make a long story short, the Council hates me but needs me, and I'm not allowed to turn anyone 'cause they're afraid of my blood. So they only want one enemy."
"Ah...okay then. Is Mikey a vamp too?" He asks.
"Yep. Though he was turned by someone else, a couple years after me." I explain.
"Oh. What makes you different from the other vampires?" He asks.
"Excuse me?"
"Well, you can't turn anyone but it seems others can...And the Council singles you out. Why?" He asks.
I sigh. "A long time ago, the Vampire Council gifted some humans with abnormal abilities. I was gifted. Then one of the most powerful vampires in existence accidentally turned me...That's illegal, turning a gifted. They killed him immediatley, but my abilities are too...strong to let them kill me."
"What's your ability?" He asks.
"I'd rather not say."
"Oh...Okay. So how do you go out into the sunlight with your vampirey-ness?" He asks. I lift my bloodstone out from under my shirt.
"It's filled with magycks. The Vampire Council makes them now, instead of giving people powers. That had too many flaws. I'll have to get you a bloodstone, Mikey might have an extra." I explain.
"Will...Will I have to suck people's blood? I don't think I'd be very good about that. I'm a vegetarian." He squeaks.
I laugh. "The Council can't see you feed. So I think, for a while, you'll just have to drink Mikey's or my blood. I don't think you'll kill either of us."
"Do...Do you often kill people you drink from?" He asks.
"Only the ones who deserve it."
"Who would deserve to die? You don't get to judge people's life! That isn't fair." He says, worried for the humans.
"Ah, well... Sometimes I just lose it. You remember those kids with guns, and their brothers? I lost it on them. They deserved to die for what they did." I say, my voice cold.
"What did they do?" He asks me, staring into my eyes.
I avert my gaze. "They...hurt you." I blush.
He's mad. "THAT'S NO EXCUSE!!"
"I'll...try not to do it again." I mutter. I know I will, if someone tries to hurt my Frankie then they are so going down." Frank, I need to take you to the hospital soon. You'll be 'miraculously' cured of your cancer."
"But, I'm not human anymore. Won't they know?" he asks, not really noticing the subject s=change due to his new curiosity.
"You can, if you think about it, give off an illusion that your heart's still beating. You can do it for up to 36 hours at a time. Hm...and you'll probably need some blood. Don't want you eating the other patients!" I laugh. He pales.
"Could that happen?" He asks. I think about how to answer this.
"Yup." I decide on."But it's unlikely that it will if you've drunk some blood firt. I can go with you if you want."
"But... I haven't drunk any blood. And I wouldn't want to go alone." He says, horrified.
"We can change that." I say, using my sharp nail to cut a wound across my wrist, drawing up crimson blood. I can see his mouth watering. "Here." I say, pressing my bloody wrist to his mouth.

Well, You should know that this chapter isn't my favorite, but you kind of have to read it/have it in existence for the rest of the story to make sense. I have an idea for a lame one shot, so I'm going to write that. It'll be super short and really random, but we have to write a story for school and I'm turning it into a fanfic. So yeah. Read it, just clic on my username. I only have 2 stories. Anyway, Please R&R, my pretties. There will eventually be Frerard, sorry if it's boring now.
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