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Chapter 8 Shit Happens

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Gee tries to be mean to Frankie. Again. :P Then we get some bad news about FRankie...

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I've been mean to Frankie for almost a month after the Mikey incident. It's eating my soul. He seems sick, too. He's lost a lot of weight, his skin is paling and he has less hair than before.
Finally, I hear a whisper of the truth.
"You hear about that Frank kid? He got Liver Cancer, I hear. I doubt he's got much long left to live."
In history, I ask him.
"Do you have Cancer?" I ask. Raven stares daggers at me.
"Uh...Yeah. Liver Cancer." I feel my heart start to shrivel. You can't operate on Liver Cancer, and it's really hard to naturally get over.
"I'm sorry." I say, really meaning it.
"For what?" He asks. I suspect he knows why, just wants to hear it.
"For being such a cunt." I say.
"Then why the fuck were you?" Raven snaps.
I shrug, struggling to come up with a decent lie."I..."
"Don't even bother lying to make up for your failings. Don't try to comfort him, you'll just dump him again." Raven spits.
"We were never together." I say stupidly, surprised.
"As a friend, you idiot!" Raven snaps. I blush.
"Oh, yeah, of course...Anyway, I am sorry. You don't have to believe me, i suppose, but I am." I mutter the first bit.
"Well, sure as HELL don't expect me to believe you!" Raven nearly yells while Frankie simultaneously says "I believe you."
My stomach gets butterflies. Frank believes me! I always seem to get butterflies when Frankie is involved. I'm not an idiot. I know I'm falling for him. Hard.
"You do?" Raven and I ask, in synchronization. Raven glares at me.
"Yeah. you always told me to 'fuck off', you said the words yet your eyes...didn't seem to want to say them. You never seemed angry, just...confused." He explains. I could kiss him.
"Thanks. For believing me." I say. I really mean it.
"Frank, how COULD you?" Raven says, then, leaning over to his ear whispers "You were so torn up after that first day he was mean to you. You can't do this to yourself!" Yay vampire hearing. I tore Frankie up? I feel my heart drop. I've caused him pain. Hoping he cared and actually knowing make a huge difference.
Frankie blushes(It's so goddamn cute!) and whispers back to her "I want to spend the rest of my life with him... Even if it's only as a friend."
I grin inside, and try to look mildly interested in our classwork. OMFG. EVEN ONLY AS A FRIEND??! HE LIKES ME! HE WANTS TO SPEND THE REST OF HIS LIFE WITH ME! Wait, how long is the rest of his life? Weeks? Days? Months?
"Hey, if you guys want you can come over and watch a movie with me and Mikey tonight." I say before I can stop myself. Frankie grins in a very adorable manner.
"I'd love to!" He says, looking excited.
"Fine..." Raven agrees. She doesn't trust me. She's smart.
Mikey, Raven and Frankie are sitting on the couch, in that order. I'm sitting in an armchair, next to Frankie. I think we're watching a horror movie. I think it's an Asian one, called Hair Extensions. I haven't really looked at the screen in a while. Hair Extensions really isn't that scary, more creepy than anything, yet Frankie is still curled up in a ball, watching the movie from behind his knees. I just can't stop staring. I want to put my arm around his shoulder, tell him the evil Asian hair won't kill him, like it did all those people in the movie.
Frankie looks over at me, and I turn away, blushing. I get up to get a cup of coffee.
I'm in the kitchen, and am turning around to get a cup for my coffee when i see Frankie's followed me. Failing much, vampire powers? Go figure.
"Hey." I say. "Want a cup?" I ask.
He shakes his head. "Say, Gee... Do you like me?" He asks. I blush.
"Of course. You're an awesome friend for, well, being my friend after all the shit I've pulled." He looks a bit disappointed at my answer. It's not like I can get down on my knees and propose. Gay marriage is illegal.
* A few weeks later*
Frankie and Raven haven't been coming to school. I don't know how to get a hold of them. I walked by Frankie's house the other day, and no one was home. I wonder if something bad happened to them.
Finally, I see Raven in school. Her usually pale skin is paler than usual, and she has bags under her eyes. Under her puffy eyes, giving away that she's been crying. I notice her in History, when she walks in late.
"Where's Frankie?" I ask her.
"In the Hospital. He has to stay there...They don't think he's got long to live!" She cries.
"I gotta go." I say, and as bad as I feel about leaving her, I need t be near Frankie more than her. Frankie is like my drug. I've been missing him so much. I run out of the classroom before Mrs.Smitt can stop me, running all the way to the hospital.
When I get there, I ask a brown haired receptionist for directions to Frankie's room.
Frankie's hooked up to all sorts of machines. He has a tube of air in his nose, IV drips and everything... And he looks bad. His skin is pale and clammy, his closed eyes with bags under them, and his lips are chapped and fading. I pull up a chair next to him, and sit down, taking his hand in mine.
"Gee?" He asks, his voice barely audible. His eyelids flutter open. I nod.
"I...Turn away, I don't want you to have to see me like this." he croaks. He looks at the clock. "You should be in school..."
"You're more important than school." I say, squeezing his hand gently. I finally get to touch his soft hands."I want to be here, with you."
He gives a slight laugh. "When I die, will you come to my funeral? I want to be burried in black and red, maybe even green. They're my favorite colors." He breathes.
"C'mon, where's your fighting spirit? I'm sure you can get through this." I say. If he does die, I WILL be at his funeral.
"You know... The hardest part of this...Is leaving you...and my family, friends." He says, though the continued effort to talk is obviously draining him.
"You might not have to leave." I say.
He laughs, but it quickly turns into a cough. "Please. They're counting off the days to go... It...just ain't living. I wish I'd just hurry up and die." he says.
"You can't wish that! You need to get better!" I say.
"I can wish that, Gee! You're not helping, either. Just making me mad." He tries to raise his voice, but can only raise it to a normal talking voice. It seems to take a lot out of him, though.
"If I can do anything, just let me know." I tell him. Then my eyes widen as realization crashes down.
**Whoa, FRANK'S P.O.V.
Gerard's eyes widen after he said that, as if he just remembered something important. I can almost see him doing a mental face-palm.
Gee bites his lip. It's cute when he does that. "Would you...if you could, I mean...want to become a vampire?" I try to laugh again.
"You serious?" I ask. He nods. OOOOOkaaay...
"Just...If you could, please think about it seriously and tell me your answer." he says. He's almost blushing. Gee's weird, but I never thought he'd ask me a question like this art my deathbed. He seems serious, so I think about it.
"Yeah. I would." I say after some thought. "I wouldn't have cancer, and I could live forever. Why not?" His face lights up, and darkens at the same time. It's really cute!
"I need to make a phone call,I'll be right back." I say, getting up.
"Going to get a 'becomes vampire' potion?" Frankie asks. I grin, then I chuckle a bit.
"Nah, just calling Mikey." I say.
I exit the room, dropping Frankie's hand(Sad face) and dial in Mikey's number right outside Frankie's room.
"Hey Gee. Why you callin'?" He answers, picking up on the first ring.
"Frankie's dying of Liver Cancer. I asked him if he would, given the choice, become am vampire. He thought it was a joke... But I really don't want him to die. I think I'm going to change him." I say, in one long breath.
"Wait, wait, wait! Gee, you're not supposed to turn anyone! The council will get mad." He says, now a bit distressed.
"The council can't hurt me and we all know it." I snap.
"Yeah, but it might start another war..." He says. I sigh.
"I just can't...let Frankie die!" I start to cry.
"Gee..." He sighs. It's like a sigh fest. "If it's what you really want, if you want to spend the rest of your life around him, then go for it. Make sure you really want it. I love you, bye." He says, sighing once more before he hangs up.
I wipe the tears off my face before re entering Frankie's room.
"Any chance I can take you anywhere?" I ask.
"Not a chance." I sigh.
"I think I'm going to kidnap you." I inform him. He laughs.
"I'm dependent on these beeping machines. I thought you wanted me to live as long as possible." He croaks.
i sigh again. Using my Vampire Speed, I've untangled Frankie from the various machines, and am standing on my own doorstep with Frankie in my arms within seconds. I knock open the door, yelling upstairs to Mikey. "We'll be in the basement."
I carry Frank into the basement. No windows, cement walls and a cement floor. A double bed, and a mini fridge full of blood.
I lay Frank down on the bed. he starts coughing, and I know he's confused as to his location.
I straddle on top of him, pinning his arms down with my hands. His eyes are wide. I feel my fangs sliding over my canines.
I bring my mouth to his neck. "I'm sorry." Is what I whisper just before I sink my teeth into his neck.

Well. That was, I think, my longest chapter yet. It probably should've been 2 chaps, but fuck it. The next chapter should be soon, and I think Frerard might start soon... who knows. not I. this story isn't really planned. at all.
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